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  1. Progress report, as if anyone cares.... i know..... On AMoL 1/4 the way through! All four armies have just arrived at their designated locations pretty much! Waiting for something EPIC to happen!
  2. Hey Brandie, yeah they are all probably addicting! Georgia huh? Close to North GA? Are you all going to JordanCon? I went last year, it was pretty cool?
  3. i think its good just because so many things are constantly happening! There wasnt any slow chapters for me! Enjoy it!
  4. Welcome, I am new as well! I have just started aMoL, Im taking it slow! I'm also from Ga though, up in Dahlonega. Only a few months till JordanCon in Roswell!
  5. Cant wait till that last battle!
  6. Hello, Towers of Midnight is the Best book I have read thus far, I am reading Memory of Light right now, just started! So looking forward to the readings but do not want it to end!
  7. Yes its definately at the end of Towers of MIdnight, literally just read it for the first time last night, as I am starting AMoL today!
  8. I brought it back to life! no problem! LOL
  9. Yeah, so......is there any talk on here yet about the next JordanCon, Isn't it like in just a few months?
  10. Lan and Gaul probably for the men! Thom too! Then Perrin & Mat, then Rand, too many once I get thinking about it! Women................Birgitte of course, then probably all the wise ones, and last - Elayne!
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