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Hello members of dm.


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I'm new here. I will tell how I found the forum, my name and how I discovered the WoT series.


Well I was searching some pics and the site it was from was called dragonmount.com. I thought what is this? And went looking. Now I look more often and decided to make an account on dm.


My name. Hmm. What is a good name. Hmmm. I will try the obvious names first. Aiel. Wait what? This name isn't used yet! I will take it!


My father was reading the game of thrones books, but when he finished he had nothing to read. Then my mother told him about some newspaper article she read about a fantasy series called Wheel of Time. He began to read it. Then when we were on vacation he said that he could recommend the series to me and I tried it. I liked it very much and now I am reading The Crossroads of Twilight in Dutch, because thats much easier for me.


Greetings Aiel


P.s. If my English is not correct, please say it to me so I can learn from it. I want to be smart :)


P.p.s. Does anyone know a nice profile pic?

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Hi Aiel, welcome to Dragonmount! :)


Your English looks pretty great to me, I assume it's not your first language?


There are lost of parts to the site here - you would probably be best to avoid the Memory of Light discussion board, as there will be lots of spoilers for the end of the series. There will probably be spoilers in the general Wheel of Time discussion board as well if you have not read past Crossroads of Twilight, so browse at your own peril! :D


There is still lots to see though, general discussion not related to Wheel of Time, a role-playing section and the social groups (each with their own theme) are a great place to meet people!

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Nice to meet you, Aiel.


I am new and English is definitely not my first language but folks here are very friendly and always offer help or advice. In the beginning DM (Dragonmount) might seem a bit confusing with so many boards and threads, but you will quickly get used to it. Just explore!


You may check this board for an avatar or signature (but please do first read the rules) :smile:



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