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  1. Absolutely! (Not that I'm being slow to react here or anything... *rolls eyes*)
  2. Khal Drogo playing drums says I should have points.
  3. Has we pictures? I haven't seen any. :( I wish I could have had more time with you folks, but (as you noticed) I had a little sister in tow and had to take her into consideration.
  4. That's... not even in the general vicinity of pink.
  5. I thought I wouldn't be interested in Doctor Who but then I accidentally watched, er... End of Time (I think?) with my brother and his gf and that made me gradually decide I wanted to watch it.
  6. Hurt Hopper, Heal Verin 1. Moridin 25 2. Verin 25 3. Hopper 8
  7. I want olives so badly now you don't even know.
  8. I can't say that "everyone" loves it, but certainly plenty of people do... and the Monty Python humour has just never appealed to me at all.
  9. Heal Verin, hurt Hopper 1. Moridin 25 2. Verin 20 3. Hopper 19
  10. Tress! That's so pretty!! As for me, um... I've been... writing a zombie apocalypse fic.
  11. Welcome back! :D Let's get this party started!
  12. Maaaaybe Abell Cauthon? I dunno, his smile has something that I could see as Mat's dad. Kirsten Dunst?
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