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  1. whether this encyclopedia would be part of this series? I would guess it would be. I'm assuming that by "in universe" threadnecromancer meant the fact that the BWB was written with deliberate inaccuracies, as though written by Third Age scholars who don't have complete or accurate information on a lot of topics. And I'm assuming that the encyclopedia will not be a similar case.
  2. The last comment I remember seeing was "definitely before next JordanCon".
  3. I love her Asmodean art so much! Besides the ones showcased here, some of my favourites are this one (in which Asmodean demonstrates why he's called the inadvertently adorable Forsaken by some) and this one.
  4. There are 187 888 lakes in Finland larger than 500 square metres.
  5. The Slovene language has a dual form in addition to singular and plural forms.
  6. Okay, I'm not a mod but this is kind of getting off the original topic and there are other threads on the Three Oaths, for example here. So if I could direct you gentlemen, ladies, and others in that direction.
  7. What they mean is Tamra isn't stating the thing as something she believes. She's not saying "Gitara died without speaking." She's saying "you two must tell everyone that Gitara died without speaking." Tamra isn't lying, she's ordering others to do so.
  8. Thank you, sir! ^_^ I'm starting a WoT reread, too, in June with a bunch of other people on Tumblr. Should be fun!
  9. Hiiii Cindy! Thank you~! And that sounds delicious -- very fruity! I bet it does work better than chocolate on a warm day. And I quite agree there. Why be lucid when you can be a kitty. =^-^=
  10. Oh, that Second Sons trilogy looks interesting, too. Adding to my endless list of things to read...
  11. Hey Senexx! I don't know much about Australia, except that Tumblr seems convinced that it's full of deadly creatures. Is this true? And I do recommend Malazan and/or Coldfire if you're ever looking for new things to read and enjoy fantasy! Coldfire is three books (obviously, being a trilogy, duh) and the main series in Malazan is 10 books, but there are... oh, almost as many books' worth of companion novels, already. Some by another author, Ian C. Esslemont, who co-created the world with Erikson. Good stuff.
  12. Ohh heyyy Blank! *noms cookie* Thankies! Would I be guessing anywhere near right if I ventured that Malazan or Coldfire are the ones you're not familiar with? Although a fair few people around DM seem to have read Malazan, too; I'm positively surprised. For such a massive, relatively successful series, the people who have read it are usually few and far between outside the series' own fan communities. Also, I've been wondering about your forum name, is there a story behind it? Because well... "blank" looks like you couldn't come up with one and decided to roll with it. :D But it's also really cool and elegant in an understated way. ...Anyway. x) I'm studying English language & literature, currently doing an exchange year here in Slovenia, which... hasn't been all that I hoped but hopefully not wasted time either. My favourite fictional character... Goodness, just one? Hmm. Captain Nemo. Aaand favourite chocolatey... I don't know about snack, but my sister makes the bestest mud cake in the world. Also, hot chocolate with Bailey's. And yeah, I'll think about the book challenge... Maybe I'll set myself a goal for the rest of the year once I get back to Finland and things settle down again.
  13. *looks around* Greetings, Brown Ajah! I'm seeing some familiar faces & felines here! *throws a ball of yarn for the kitty* As for the less familiar ones, I'm NT. I read books. I also write books... or... things that will hopefully turn into books sometime in the future. I noticed you had some delicious things in the first pages of the thread. This looks like a great place! And hmm... to pick up the topic that was going on some time before I got here, my top 5 books would look something like this: 1. 20.000 Leagues Under the Sea by Jules Verne 2. The Count of Monte Cristo by Alexandre Dumas 3. The Malazan Book of the Fallen series by Steven Erikson 4. I believe WoT goes here? It varies. When I'm in the middle of reading it, this often swaps places with Malazan. 5. The Coldfire trilogy by Celia Friedman
  14. ...Mostly slash? I'm kind of curious now, which sites are you referring to? Because that's certainly not the case at fanfiction.net, which has the biggest fic base that I've been able to find and yes, I have been actively looking over the years. I'm kind of getting a sensationalist vibe off your statement here... And in your second paragraph, what you're referring to is a phenomenon called "alternate universe" and there's a lot of it going on in just about every fandom. "What if Harry had been sorted into Slytherin?" "What if the Dragon had been Reborn a woman?" "What if Tony Stark and Loki were having lots of kinky sex?" And I don't know what you mean by longer fanfiction stories being more dangerous. They're no more canon than 500-word ficlets. I'm not really following your line of reasoning here.
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