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Yo, Leelou


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I first met Leelou waayyy back in 2007-ish in a few mafia games.  She had a good attitude for mafia, and seemed to be pretty damn good at it.  As was the case with most of my mafia buddies, we chatted in games and during post game, but not much outside of that.  She was the Org Leader (what we called Social Group Leaders at the time) for the Aiel, and I didn’t really go into that group often.  I was mainly in the White Tower as the Master at Arms, and didn’t venture outside of the Tower with the exception of the mafia board.  Then Leelou kinda dropped off the map from DM, and I didn’t see her entering any mafia games.


Fast forward a couple years, and she came back to the site in a whirlwind.  She PMed me to start a friendly chat convo, and joined in some mafia games again.  At this time, I was firmly entrenched in Shayol Ghul as my main Org (as Shaidar Haran), and was only semi-active in the Tower.  We kept chatting, and realized that we were pretty close geographically to each other, as well as a certain friendly marsupial.  So like she said, the three of us got together in Boston and hung out for an evening.  She is also correct in that I do live up to my handle when in person.  I talk a lot.  Like….a lot.  We continued to hit it off and become friends (really, all three of us), and kept getting together with Wombat and eventually other mafia players from another site.  We still do this now, and have a blast.  Her humor is similar to mine, which I think is what brought us to be friends in the first place.  Or was it my charm?  Both?  Eh, I digress….


So, what do I appreciate about Leelou?  RED HAIR.  Ok, I’m a sucker for redheads.  But seriously, I appreciate her bluntness and honesty.  She says what’s on her mind, and means it.  At the same time, this is also something that sometimes I don’t like as much.  When I’d rather tiptoe around a subject, she just plows right in there!  I say I dislike it, but that is more harsh than it really is – she basically forces me to address it whether I want to or not, lol.  It is a good thing and a bad thing at the same time, but overall is good because she does it from the standpoint of being my friend and being honest.  That’s really all you can ask for in a friend, and Leelou has it in spades.


Another thing to note is that she probably helps me more with my biggest fault than anybody else – my damn memory.  As she said, I can remember the most random details, but forget to check my calendar for the next “mafia meet”.  I genuinely suck at that.  She keeps on me though, and probably could have gotten away at cussing me out for it by now.  Instead, she remains patient and friendly, even though I realize she probably wants to kick me.  Heck, I want to kick me for always forgetting simple stuff.  My memory just works in weird ways, I guess.  But she takes the good with the bad, and that’s the mark of a true friend.

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