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Hi, anybody out there?

Tober Wynn

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Hi, :biggrin:


I'm Tober Wynn and completely new to this community.
I've just started to read the RPG-rules of WoT and I'm fascinated.
I've found this page while I was searching for maps.


I hope, this community is still active.






PS.: please forgive me any mistakes in my writing - english is not my mother-language ...

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Hello Tober and welcome to DM!


This place is definitely active. You will find a lot of great people here that share your interests and a lot of different groups as well. Along with the RP groups there are the Social Groups, the General Discussion Board, the WoT Discussion Board, and the ACW Guild (Arts, Crafts, Writers). If you have any questions feel free to ask. Everyone here is very friendly and would be more than happy to help you out. 


Go explore and have fun! :)

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Nice to read, that this community is active.

I've read all books of WoT I think three or four times till now - just began the next cycle.

So I am quite familiar with it.

The new thing is the P&P - RPG. Received the Rulebook last week.

Amazing stuff!

What I'm missing are all kind of maps. I'm quite good in texting and creating adventures, but I'm really bad in drawing.


Our group is quite an old one - adventuring some 20 years mostly using a system called Midgard..

Other systems like Shadowrun, AD&D, DSA were used also.

But when our GM mentioned that he needs some break, I told them that I've heard about some RPG based on a real cool and epic fantasy novell called Wheel of time.

So - that's how I came to this place searching for GM-Materials.

I'll start the first journey end of August - so I still have time for textibg, searching and studying the rules.

No one but me in this group knows WoT till now. They will fully start to explore this world, when they start the game.


This will really be a lot of fun!


So - thanks for the welcome, I'm really looking forward this cforum, the game and the community.





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Hi and welcome, Tober! Your English is just fine, by the way :)
Where are you from? It's always to nice to meet WoT fans from all over the world. I'm from South Africa.

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Hi @all


I'm fom Vienna, Austria. That's the small country right in the middle of Europe.

Hehe - I also tried another board - that was 10 days ago - no word from there until noe :-(

Well - this board seems to be much better - and I only need one board :-)


Ist there anybody who could answer me the following questions?

.) whom should I speak to regarding the WoT rules?

.) is there anybody in this board, who loves to draw maps or some "art"? As soon as I've received my new notebook, I could help with plans of buildings and such things - but nothing that needs a talent for art ..

.) When leading Shadowrun, I provided my selfwritten adventures to the comunity. Is there someone whom I should speak to about this subject? I'm planning 2-4 adventures per year - normaly I write in German language but I think it should not be the big problem to do the same in English. Would for sure train my vocabulary quite effective ;-))


I'm really looking forward to play this game. 2 monzhs to go to:

.) read all books once again

.) read and understand the RPG rules

.) write my first adventure




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You can find the DM code of conduct here:



As far as your other questions those should be able to be answered at the ACW Guild. Just start a thread on their public boards introducing yourself and ask away. I'm sure they will be more than happy to help you. :)

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Tober, I think you misunderstand the nature of the roleplaying on this site. There are no rules, and they don't use the book you are referring to. The RP on this site is mainly free-form story-telling with general guidelines.

That said, this is a VERY open and diverse community, and like Nicana said, your best bet is the Artists/Crafters/Writers Guild.

I belong to a specific site that DOES play that game, among MANY others, in a forum-based environment. PM me if you would like more information.

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