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Okay, quit twisting my arm!


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Welcome to DM. I'd recommend looking at the social groups. You will meet a lot of great people there!


So how did you get into wheel of time? Favorite character?

I'm applying to the WT/W social group. I've heard it's really nice here. I'd considered joining for quite a while but it just seems so confusing. I'm used to forums, but this one just had so many things going on. I'm sure I'll get used to it though.


I started reading WoT years ago. I don't even remember how long ago. At least 12 though. A good friend of mine recommended the series and since he and I had very similar taste in books, I agreed. I've been hooked ever since.



:tackles Sar ! I am so glad you join :nynaeve:


I didn't hurt you to bad did I ? :P :hug

Nah, not too bad. ;)

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