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June Roll Call


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We were putting together a huanted house when I was in high school at our church and we were on a pretty strict timeframe and everyone was just goofing off the whole time and there was a ton of work and I just exploded yelling at everyone more than I have ever done in my life or have done since. The room got real quiet and I realized the taint was strong with me that day and I excused myself.

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Just realized I never signed in here. Well, it's still June on the west coast...


One of the craziest things me and my friends ever did was break into a closed down abandoned Regal Cinemas. Was pitch black in the theater rooms, very creepy. Played the "fun" kind of poker, if you catch my drift, in the manager's office by candlelight. Unfortunately we ran into some hobos that we're most likely living there, scared the absolute bajeezus out of us, and in the process of running away my friend Big E cut his arm badly on some glass on one of the doors while leaving. Pretty crazy night indeed. Hope I didn't just incriminate myself too badly.

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