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Will do anything for points!


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I'm at 99 points. Seriously? I don't wanna be a stupif little Ful anymore! So I decided to offer up myself and my services to anyone who want them... :biggrin:



Gotta keep it PG-13

Nothing that'll get me banned


So... Let's get rolling with those requests shall we :biggrin:

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*throws herself on the ground, hands outstretched*


Oh great Lord Basel, Chosen of the Black Ajah *makes a deep courtsy* I thank thee for taking the time to talk to a lowly Ful like myself. Humbly I would ask thee for a little bit more. I am in desperate need for just one point, one little point. I know for thee it must seem surreal, consider you have enough to last yourself eons. But for a lowly ful like myself, one point is all that stand between me and the road to power. I promise I will never try to usurp your authority in any way and will be your willing and adoring servant. Whatever thee asks of me, I shall provide. Please great lord, see with kind eyes upon this lowly ful!


*and just in case... Chews a mint, takes on perfume and a deep v-neck shirt* 


Please, my dear lord, I beg you!

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ok, so thanks for helping maintain my low spirits cause I might actually have started having a little fun there but....


yeah, just some random stranger to every single person here I guess with no honor or pride


woofie, you got our work cut out for you now.

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