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Glad to find a nice place to meet other fans of wot :). My name is chris * big suprise right?*, and I am a 32 year old computer science major in school. I started reading the books, about 11 years ago, and have been an avid fan ever since. Well that's about it I guess LOL.

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Hello and welcome to DM :)


It's always nice to see a new member. You've been reading the books a long while. What took you so long lol


What other series do you read?


If you are interested in discussing the books there is a WoT discussion Board and we also have a more general Discussions and Debate Board too.


If you would like to just hand out with fellow WoT fans we have our Social Groups - there's bound to be one you like - and if you would like to immerse yourself more fully we also have our RP groups.


If you have any questions just ask. We are all happy to help :)

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