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Greetings to you all

Sid Paendrag

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So i am new here, last september a friend recommended The Wheel of time for me, i was interested so i started reading, needless to say i was quickly drawn into it, as of now i am currently reading Knife Of Dreams, so i am not yet all the way, although i have all the books, so i can start reading the next one as soon as i finish the current book :D


I just got curious so now i am checking it out, hopefully there will be lots of fun.

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Hiya Sid!  I'm BB!


Welcome to DM! Believe me, there will be lots of fun.   :)


Oooh, who's your favourite character so far?


If you haven't finished the series yet it's probably best to stay away from the discussion boards for now and stick to the spoiler-free social groups and roleplaying side if you're that way inclined. We're always keen for more authors over in the roleplays!


And the social groups are where you'll find that fun you're looking for, everyone is really friendly and some pretty hilarious stuff goes down in those groups.


If you have any questions or just wanna chat, feel free to PM me!

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I have checked out some if the forums, but since as you mentioned, i am not yet finished reading, so i have not been very thorough yet.

Checked out the gallery, seems like my friend who recommended me WOT in the first place is here as well.


Hopefully i will have more time to explore DM later today after work. 


As for favorite character so far? Hmmm tough call, but i am very fond of Thom Merillin, and Aviendha, also Tuon is interesting.

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