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  1. Well he only has a few posts, so i don't know how well known he is, but he's the one with the wedding photos in the gallery. Well Mat and Lan are also great characters, i can't wait to find out more about Mat and the Ael & Eelfinn :D
  2. I have checked out some if the forums, but since as you mentioned, i am not yet finished reading, so i have not been very thorough yet. Checked out the gallery, seems like my friend who recommended me WOT in the first place is here as well. Hopefully i will have more time to explore DM later today after work. As for favorite character so far? Hmmm tough call, but i am very fond of Thom Merillin, and Aviendha, also Tuon is interesting.
  3. So i am new here, last september a friend recommended The Wheel of time for me, i was interested so i started reading, needless to say i was quickly drawn into it, as of now i am currently reading Knife Of Dreams, so i am not yet all the way, although i have all the books, so i can start reading the next one as soon as i finish the current book :D I just got curious so now i am checking it out, hopefully there will be lots of fun.
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