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  1. Indeed they haven't, sir! I'm still waiting to get in. :) I had actually given up checking - this is the first time I've peeked in in awhile. I'm doing well! Enjoying the rain in RL (HA, check out my fancy forum lingo) whilst taking care of a sick baby daughter. :(
  2. Hey, Sid! Welcome! So glad you have joined the masses in Randland. Robert Jordan was an amazing, ingenious writer and I'm sure you'll enjoy the rest of the series.
  3. Welcome to Dragonmount, and to the series that you'll never be able to get enough of! As I'm sure you've already seen, Jordan was a Light-blessed genius. :)
  4. Blood and ashes that's a good username! Welcome to Dragonmount. I just got here, too.
  5. Hooray! I'm pretty now. :) So, the way I'm trying to get into the Dormitories is through an older door...maybe it's the wrong one? Does anyone know the right way to get in for sure?
  6. Sounds like you all did a lot of work! Looks great! The costumes were fun, and I'm sure it meant a lot to the family to receive the memorial photo.
  7. How beautiful! Let me see if I can figure out how to wear it...
  8. This was pretty interesting, I took it to mean it was the DO that spoke to Rand in EOTW, am I just reading that wrong? It certainly looks that way. It should be noted that Brandon was signing books while answering these questions, and trying to answer in as Aes Sedai a way as possible, if you will. I guess we should start handing out props to the fans that theorized that all along?
  9. Oh! Hahahaha! I mean...uh. *ahem* So nice to meet you, Snar...eh...Fnorrill. I don't suppose I can justify my ignorance by saying I'm just a simple farm girl from the outskirts of Baerlon? No? Well, I have this fuzzy white blanket Volke gave me, would you like it? *mutters* This is why I need to not talk so much. I'm going to go check the door to the Dormitories again... *hides behind umbrella and runs like the Dark One's on her heels*
  10. Thank you, everyone; especially Via for the umbrella! And Daruya Sedai, you're too kind. :) Ishmael, I certainly hope that Fnorril is your pet and not one of the other initiates.
  11. Heh. Well, here I am, technically an initiate of the WT, all dressed up and ready to take on the world...or at least the trek across the bridge into Tar Valon. Except now I'm sitting outside the Dormitories in the rain, locked out, feeling a bit like a kitten that got kicked out for dragging one too many dead mice into the house. That is - full of good intentions, but mostly cold, wet and shivery, and adopting my best look of sweet long-suffering so that someone might give me the permission to enter. Until then, I'll just scribble in this little book. Light, but I'll be happy to get inside and warm again!
  12. Never mind. Got it. Don't you love getting posts like this? :p
  13. DM Name: JaimieKrycho Interests: writing (primarily SF/F fiction, but some nonfiction) Email (Optional): jaimie@jaimiekrycho.com Thanks! Sorry - the editor won't let me get off bold lettering for some reason... :p
  14. Oh! Gotcha (can you tell I'm new?). I just signed up to become an initiate. I'll wait anxiously for the day I can put Sedai officially on my signature. ;)
  15. a) I've read the rules and agree to abide by them. b) I've filled out the form and would like to become an initiate of the White Tower. Thank you, Pankhuri Sedai of the Red Ajah for pointing me here!
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