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  1. Hey, Sid! Welcome! So glad you have joined the masses in Randland. Robert Jordan was an amazing, ingenious writer and I'm sure you'll enjoy the rest of the series.
  2. Welcome to Dragonmount, and to the series that you'll never be able to get enough of! As I'm sure you've already seen, Jordan was a Light-blessed genius. :)
  3. Blood and ashes that's a good username! Welcome to Dragonmount. I just got here, too.
  4. Sounds like you all did a lot of work! Looks great! The costumes were fun, and I'm sure it meant a lot to the family to receive the memorial photo.
  5. This was pretty interesting, I took it to mean it was the DO that spoke to Rand in EOTW, am I just reading that wrong? It certainly looks that way. It should be noted that Brandon was signing books while answering these questions, and trying to answer in as Aes Sedai a way as possible, if you will. I guess we should start handing out props to the fans that theorized that all along?
  6. Never mind. Got it. Don't you love getting posts like this? :p
  7. Oh! Gotcha (can you tell I'm new?). I just signed up to become an initiate. I'll wait anxiously for the day I can put Sedai officially on my signature. ;)
  8. Hello WoT fans! Memory Keeper Bill Tracy, aka Mandamon, here (via Jaimie Sedai), reporting on the third-to-last signing for A Memory of Light that took place in Raleigh, North Carolina, on February 20th. We were lucky to have both Brandon and Harriet with us. We convened at Quail Ridge Books and Music, a fantastic independent bookstore that has been serving the Raleigh community for nearly thirty years, and is well known to locals and students at the nearby North Carolina State University. Quail Ridge Books is unique in that it acts as a meeting place for writers of all ages - both
  9. I recently met Brandon at the AMoL Raleigh signing. One of my friends asked him, "Did the Creator ever physically manifest (not just appear as an ALL CAPS voice) in the WoT?" He refused to tell us, which suggests that the answer is yes. I know this is not solid evidence at all, but that makes me think that Nakomi is the Creator. She's the only character whose identity is yet ambiguous enough to be the Creator is physical form.
  10. After nerding out over WoT for several years and becoming a Memory Keeper for Brandon and Harriet's book signing in Raleigh, I decided it was time for me to finally create a Dragonmount username. Mine is possibly the most boring handle you've ever seen, but I'm a writer, so I like to keep my name consistent. Or maybe I was just bitter that "Elmindreda" was gone ("Well, duh," you say, "What did you expect?")... I will call myself Jaimie Sedai, because even though I like my real name, I like the sound of that even better.' Stay tuned for the Raleigh Memory Keeper report...
  11. Hello! I just joined a few days ago. I was visiting some of the forums and went to the Artists, Writers, etc. Guild page. It seems I can't post there. Are there other groups (besides RPG groups) that I need permission for to join the discussion?
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