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[SG Faire: Shayol Ghul] Cookpot Game

RandA lThor

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Is it Basel Gil?






From the first book not related to emonds field adventurers not a Channeler.

Not a borderlander.

Cenn Buie.






he didn't answer my cranky question but that's where I was going with it...

Do you still want me to answer this question?

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Ack...  I had forgotten the Boarderlander heritage.  He is one of the few characters I can think of in the first book that moves around a lot though.  Except maybe Padan Fain, but Fain is decidedly of the Shadow. ...  Maybe Jain Farstrider?  ...  No.  He is a Borderlander as well.  Hmmm......


Alpert Mull?  He is an Andoran, of the Light, and still around at the end of everything.  This is my final guess, as if it isn't him I am completely stumped.

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is it male?


















Lol!  You could have said Alpurt Mull and gotten away with it.  He is the guy that picked up Mat and Rand in the wagon on the way to Caemlyn.  :wink:


Is the new one a Channeler?



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