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[SG Faire: Shayol Ghul] Cookpot Game

RandA lThor

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Cookpot is a 20 questions type game that will be WoT themed, however players will ask the game runner an unlimited number of questions in this version of the game to determine who is "in the Cookpot"; once the character is guessed the game will start over with a new character in the Cookpot and a new set of questions.


Simple enough, I will also be keeping track of points this game to add a little bit of competition to the mix.  


4 points for each correct question/guess if character is guessed on 1st page.

3 points for each correct question/guess if character is guessed on 2nd page.
2 point for each correct question/guess if character is guessed on 3rd page or pages following.


To simplify this, if the character is guessed on the first 20 posts, each question asked is worth 4 points, in the first 40 posts it is worth 3 points, and after that it is worth 2 points each.


The person who guesses the character's name will get 15 points.


You may not guess twice in a row.  Hint: If you wait for me to answer some questions before asking too many in a row, it may reduce the number of posts it takes to guess.  An incorrect guess is treated as a half question, and you will get half the normal points necessary.


Now there will be some things that I will not answer.


1. Anything about the character's name (unless its a guess)

2. Any specific locations (I will use my own discretion to what is specific or not for a character).  If you accidentally use location that is too specific, I will not treat that as a post, so there will be no penalty for that.  Also, if you ask a question that is too specific, you may put in another question even if no one else has gone in between.

3. I will not name the chapters that they are in, but I will name the books.,

4. If there is something that I missed that I feel would not be a legitimate question (I will try not to do this) then I will count that post as nonexistant and let the person go again, even if no one else has gone in between.


You do not need to sign up this game.


To not post twice in a row, someone that is not the mod must post in between.


My character has been chosen, let the games begin!


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Oh sorry, I forgot about that too. *facepalm*  Well, because of your mod's stupidity, I'll let that go.  You guys got two more questions in, they will count as normal.  Cindy, you can still play, this was my fault for forgetting, just wait from now on. :smile:

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