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Is there something wrong with me X_X


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I don't know what I'm doing here sometimes. Everyone only ever wants to go on about how awesome the heroes are and if I have to hear one more person go on about how awesome the War Law scene is or how the Aes Sedai kneeling to rand at the end of LoC is one of the greatest things ever then I think I'm going to scream.


... I'm terrified of being banned. I really am.

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The Aes Sedai kneeling to Rand in LoC was pretty shitty imo. War Law scene was quite good, iirc.


Imo the best scene of the books (exluding AMoL, as we're not allowed to talk about that yet) is Rand at Maradon. But in the end of AMoL there are a few ones I like even more.

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Remember, I don't CARE about the heroes being awesome.


All my favourite Hero moments are stuff like the blacksmith scene with Perrin in book 3 and Rand blowing up his own army in book 8. I don't care about seeing them win. I like seeing the BAD guys win and seeing how the heroes react to it. Them being cool I do not give the SLIGHTEST crap about. Other than when it happens too much. In which case it makes me angry.


Also, every time I see Galina I just feel disgusted at the way RJ keeps treating her. and I am SO tired of hearing people give "she deserved it" as a justification.


"She deserved it" will NEVER be an acceptable reason for why a villain needs to suffer. Never. People I've known for years still don't seem to grasp that.


(deep breath)

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