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I just finished reading the Ravens prologue that was included in the split version of EotW. By my estimation it takes place about 8 years before EotW.


It is clear that ravens have been sent to spy on the Two Rivers folk. it is pointed out they are focusing on the young boys and one showed interest in Egwene.


It suprised me that the Dark One or Ishamael knew to check here so many years before Trollocs finally were sent after Rand.


Do we have any information about what the Shadow knew of the Dragon's location at this time? Did they always know the Dragon was in the Two Rivers, but didn't act?



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I think in the EoTW its revealed that the Dark One had honed in on the general region of the world several years back, and had narrowed it down to Emond's Field a couple of years prior to the events of EoTW, using Padan Fain to keep tabs on the boys.  Not sure how they new though.

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