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Ithillian Turambar

[GAME OVER] Who? What? Where? at the Black Tower - Ayla wins!

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I'm a little bored, so let's play a game.


I've had a look through wikipedia and found a famous/historical figure. You need to ask questions to find out who it is, what they did or what happened to them, and where it happened. I will say yes or no, according to the information on the wiki. When you find the answers for my first person I have another. And so it will continue, for at least a little while. I'm thinking 5 Rounds to start with - but if you're having fun I will carry on a bit more.


You will earn one game point for every correct answer you identify, so you can earn up to three game points per round. I will even write you a clue for each round, because I'm so very nice.


***Please wait for me to answer your question before you post another one - thanks :smile:***


BT Points that can be earned

Winner: 20 Points

Runner Up: 15 Points

Active Participation: 10 Points

Less than Active Participation: 5 points


Round 1



Red ran the Hall's walls.

Down came the key to that realm

I entered freely


Who is it?: Mary Queen of Scots (WoT)

What happened?: He beheading (WoT)

Where did it happen?: Fotheringhay Castle (WoT)



Round Two!




No rest or cure came

As the men in black aimed true

This grave held me not



Who is it?: Doc Holliday (Turin)

What happened?: The Gunfight at the OK Corral (Turin)

Where did it happen?[: Tombstone AZ (Turin)


Round Three!




Cold in the hot sands

My undoing curled around

Prisoner no more


Who is it?: Cleopatra (WoT)

What happened to them?: Got bitten by a snake (WoT)

Where did it happen?: Alexandria (Ayla)


Round Four!




My height diminished

Turned away from my triumph

I still would not stay


Who is it?: Napoleon (Ayla)

What happened to them?: Exiled (Ayla)

Where did it happen?: The Isle of Elba (Ayla)


Round Five!




Impossible? No.

As my plan came together

How the mighty fell


Who is it?: Hannibal (Talya)

What happened to them?: Defeated the Romans (Talya)

Where did it happen?: Trebia (Lenlo)


Round Six!




I loved the freedom

All alone, I was resolved

To try, then no more.


Who is it?: Amelia Earhart (Ayla)

What happened to them?: Disappeared (WoT)

Where did it happen?: Somewhere over the Pacific (Ayla]


Round Seven!




My purple layers

As my shining prince appeared

Hidden behind screens


Who is it?: Murasaki (WoT)

What happened to them?: Wrote the Tale of Genji (Ayla)

Where did it happen?: Kyoto


Round Eight!




Named for where I went

The number of my tale lost

When my station changed


Who is it?: T E Lawrence (Ayla)

What happened to them?: Lost his manuscript (Ayla)

Where did it happen?: Reading UK (Ayla)


Final Round!




Sleep with the fishes?

Our plan to heal gone awry

Most unexpected


Who is it?: Russel Franklin (Talya)

What happened to them?: got eated by a shark (Talya)

Where did it happen?: the Aquatica research facility in Deep Blue Sea (Talya)



Game Points so far:


WoT = 7 Points

Turin = 3 Points

Ayla = 10 Points

Talya = 5 Points

Lenlo = 1 Point

RTE = 1 Point


Game over. BT points will be awarded when I can get on the full version and check who has been playing in addition to those who have scored points.

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Oh man I have never been good at these games... Where to start?


This will require the mustering of what little brain power I have remaining free.

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You could always try Compulsion and make me tell you the answer, other than that a good place to start might be to ask a question about the person ... or the place ... or what happened. :happy:

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