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[GAME OVER] Who? What? Where? at the Black Tower - Ayla wins!

Ithillian Turambar

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Aquatica, underwater, former submarine refueling place...


Got there in the end...phew!!!


these we brilliant Ithi!

Yes! Congratulations :biggrin:


I hate that film with a passion :dry: I still watch it though, just like I climb up tall cathedral towers even though I'm scared of heights.


And thank you :) I'm glad you enjoyed it.


I will post final scores and points and stuff shortly ... And then Chuckles won't be about to explode from excitement anymore lol.

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Final Game Points


Turin = 3 Points

Ayla = 10 Points

Talya = 5 Points

Lenlo = 1 Point

RTE = 1 Point


Ayla wins! And WoT is our runner up. Congratulations to both of you and thank you very much to everyone else who participated.


Game over. BT points will be awarded when I can get on the full version and check who has been playing in addition to those who have scored points.

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