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I've been an avid fan for a few years now.  A friend from my knitting group introduced me to the books when I asked on Facebook about what everyone was reading.  Since then, I've ben obsessed.  We even renamed our knitting group The Knitting Circle.  When I wasn't sure on pronunciations (and knew RJ was a stickler for getting them right), I got the audiobooks and listened to them, sometimes while reading along.

I've lurked on DM and other sites or posted anon, but I mostly stayed offline until I finished the books to avoid spoilers.  Even at that, I think I had most of the big news ruined by the few attempts I made to look up something on a character or my friend would let something slip when she'd ask, "Are you to XXXX yet?"  I've been rereading in preparation for AMoL.

Now, don't hate me for this last one, but I was chosen as a Memory Keeper for Dayton, OH.

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Hi Duchess and welcome to DM :smile: Glad you decided to stop lurking hehe :P Since you were lurking I assume you already know where things are, but I suggest you look at the Social Groups if you haven't already. That's where most of us hang out :) There's the discussion boards, rp boards and mafia too if your interested.


It's awesome you named or knitting group the Knitting Circle :tongue: You might want to check out the AWC (artists, writers, crafters) SG.


And that's awesome! :biggrin: Why would people hate you for that? <.<

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Hai Duchess, is vair nice to meet you, Knitting Circle is an awesome name :laugh:

Hope you have a lovely time hanging aroung DM, and if you have any questions just ask away, there are plenty of people who will be more than happy to answer :happy:

And congratulations on getting to be a Memory Keeper! I knows there are a couple of people on here who are lucky enough also, twould be nice if there was something similar in teh UK :)

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