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Feeling Nostalgic


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Ok, so I have a young niece and nephew.  As a result, I've seen several cartoons that have come out in the past year and it got me to thinking about the shows that I watched as a kid.  The new ones just don't seem the same.  The other day I was at the store and saw one of my favorite shows as a kid and it was not expensive, so I had to pick it up.  Here is the intro: 



I haven't seen the remake, so I'm not sure how it is.  I'm a little afraid to see it actually.


Does anyone else feel this way sometimes?  What do you remember?

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Original Thundercats was brilliant. I also liked Ulyses and Bravestar. The Muskerhounds were REALLY annoying though, as I'm sure it was French and dubbed into really annoying american high pitched accents.


Oooh and Dungeons and Dragons too.


My favourite show when I was really young was Chorlton and the Wheelies. I've always loved Dragons :)

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Have not seen those...there was a D&D TV show...and as for songs, this one comes to mind


Scooby dooby doo where are you? We need some help from you now!


The reason I thought all crimes involved people dressed like ghosts or monsters as a kid :-)


Also, as I've been watching thundercats, I'm being reminded of how terrifying Mumra is.

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