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HEY hey

Guest Alex Bartie

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Guest Alex Bartie

"Ollo" everybody!

Brand new to the series...well relatively...

i am currently on book 4, but am absolutely IN LOVE with the series.

I have always been looking for something better, more catching, more me...iv'e tried a good few writers, and series' but nothing has captured my full attention quite like WOT!

Its more difficult to find the books in Cape Town, South Africa, and i actually stumbled accross a tattered book 1 by pure happenstance in my school library...

with permission, i adopted the book, and am now on my way to owning the whole series.!

I am so addicted, that i have not gamed in weeks, and i used to spend most evenings couped up in my room gaming online!

Its so mad that when i finished book 3, i felt almost naked, without purpose!

Any one else feel this way!

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hey alex , we have a few people from cape town (smiley, and LG come in mind) well the series is addictive and imo after WoT very few books can match up to RJ's level


anyway i would advise you to stay away from the discussion boards(unless you dont mind)

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Bahahaha nice to meet you Alex :biggrin: That's sorta what happened when I started reading the books :rolleyes: Took me two months to finish them all and then I found out I was going to have to wait more than a year to find out what happens next >.<


Anyways, welcomsies to DM! :happy: While the Discussion boards might be a bit too full of spoilers, you could always check out the Social Groups (SGs) while you continue reading. It's where most of us hang out, and we usually keep the spoilers to a minim (or use spoiler tags) so you don't have to worry about that :wink:

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Welcome Alex! Yea, once you start these books you can't put them down. Until you get to the last one and then you are like "Noooooooooooooooooooo I need to know now!"


I may start rereading Ahhhh. Or just getting involved in the discussion boards here to brush up on everything before the last one. Such a good series!


Anyways, *tangent off*, welcome! :D

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Welcome Alex! I'm really kind of jealous that you still have that many books to go. I remember when I was only on book 4. The books do have a way of consuming your life. Come check out the social groups, everyone over there is really awesome. I would suggest staying away from the WoT discussions boards for the moment, at least until you are caught up. Hope to see you around.

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