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Mike hunt's here... well he's here


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For shame, Smiley!!!




There we go. Brownies for you, Mike...


Welcome to the Black Tower, the taintiest place on DM. I'm Tress, a.k.a. Logain, the Light Faction leader hereabouts.


Our Lady Dragon should be along shortly to give you the official welcome and get you added to our private boards before much longer, but while you're waiting, there's a wealth of insanity to become a part of here on the main board.


Feel free to ask any questions you may have... and tell us about yourself so we can stalk you get to know you a bit better...


For instance, who's your favorite Asha'man? What's your favorite WoT book? And what is the strangest thing that's currently under your bed? :laugh:

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*offers brownies*


Welcome Mike!


Would you help me in spreading love and peace. Love and peace are important, more important than people like to believe for human existence. Love and peace can make world a better place.


*sings and picks a flower*

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