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Wish Me Luck?

Xamol Na

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So, you may or may not (more likely) have noticed that my activity has been lousy lately.


Said event is due to getting an abcess and infection both on the same tooth, which sucks.


Tomorrow, I must sit in a chair, have an injection (shudder!) in my mouth and have the tooth pulled.


It sucks and I'm not fond of dentists.


Wish me luck in not biting him out of fear?

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good luck!


it's gonna be ok.... i had a tooth like that that my dentist, god rest his soul, tried to save... i had root canal once a week for 6 months... i would have dreams about pulling it out myself... i can still remember the relief....


oh, and nitrous - ask for it by name :)

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i used to be really scared of the novocaine, but i started telling myself, over and over - no matter what happens, this whole thing is over in an hour, and no matter what happens, that stick is over in a few seconds.... as silly as it sounds, i sort of breathe through it, almost like they do on tv for lamaze, lol.... but it works. and it really is over fast. it's much easier than filling a cavity, imo.

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Thank you for all your support!


All done with now =D


Had THREE big injections though. That was the worst part XD


Took longer for my mouth to numb than it did to have the thing taken out.


Alistair McLeish comes very highly reccomended =D Had some good jokes with him XD


Me: "How big is that needle?"

Him: "About 18 inches, you good with blood?"

Me: "Blood I can deal with." ;-)


Also, before I went in a couple with SEVEN kids went in and all I could hear was the chair and screaming. Apparently they just had check-ups...

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