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Jonas - An Introduction


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Disclaimer: I like to write; and this is pretty long. TL;DR at the bottom


An excerpt from a page found pinned to the deceased, suspected Darkfriend, for your review...


Can an assassin have honor? My life has been, and probably will continue to be, spent in the pursuit of that question. Widely-held, rigid concepts of what honor is have seen many a man clad in plated armor to an early grave. Lines of fools, spending their lives frivolously, cheaply, in honorable battle against a common foe. Well perhaps my honor finds its own brand of hypocrisy. Perhaps not...


I always have been able to see situations from many different perspectives. While the warriors of our age see things as nobility would have them taught, I perhaps am able to see to the heart of things, what truly matters. Dead is dead; and death in pursuit of a greater ideal holds no additional honor if we fight for hours, or for seconds. In the defense of a friend, or for a cause that I deem to be right do I fight in my own way. The wheel turns, inexorably. The threads I cut would have been cut anyway. Can you doubt this? And before you ask, no, I will not tell you MY idea of honor or delivering death to those who deserve it...


That would be telling.



Hi, I'm Jonas. I discovered WoT while playing a game called Dark Age of Camelot. A good friend of mine and I had a friendly debate over the concept of honor in ancient times (or perhaps a time to come). My friend, a Hibernian champion in a RP realm called Guinevere, roleplayed an absolutely brilliant series of confrontations with my thief class character. It was the beginning of a fantastic introduction to the engrossing world of roleplay, gaming, story and companionship. The RP lasted for months, with amazing travels to far-flung lands in the Hibernian (and other) empires, lives lost, lovers gained, tragedy, heartache and euphoria. After its completion (although many sub plots and later RP moments came from this epic odyssey) my friend shared with me the story of the Eye of the World, and his main inspiration for the concept of Malkieri honor as held by Lan Mandragoran.


Shortly I became hooked. I devoured all the books. Every time a new book was released, I dove back into the world I had come to love from the beginning, somehow imagining myself as a silent party member, a part of the tapestry of the weaving of the Wheel that escaped notice. Even after my time with Dark Age of Camelot came to a close, my WoT fascination continued. My entrance into the WoT world happened every few months anew, like my shadowy character being spun out into the tale again and again...again.


So it was with some surprise that I found that I had been missing one of the largest, most organized, and greatest sites dedicated to WoT. I suppose I had never thought to access the internet for something that had been, for so long, purely literary for me. Once again, I have a gaming friend (who is not a member, but should be, Light willing) who obliquely referenced Dragonmount.


After some creeping, I abandoned customary stealth and jumped right in, hopefully to friends!


IRL - I am an English literature graduate student. I study Early Modern British literatures, specializing in Shakespeare, Marlowe and Elizabethan writings. I speak French (j'ai besoin d'un ami qui parle français aussi!) and I am fascinated with linguistics, rhetoric and literary theory. You'll note my poststructuralist nod in my signature :wink: So... to sum up, I am a big literature nerd with a penchant for fantasy, sci-fi and gaming.


TL;DR Name is Jonas (yes, I like Weezer still, even if they did ruin my name for normal conversation). I like books and games. Glad to be here. Thanks for the awesome website. Oh, and I freaking love the Wheel of Time.

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:laugh: Welcome, Jonas!!! Glad you tracked us down! Love your intro there :biggrin:


Sounds like you'll be interested in our RP boards - I'm sure one of those who are heavily involved in that area will be along shortly to welcome you and answer any questions you have, if you haven't already dived in there and started poking around.


If you have aspirations of writing yourself, you may want to check out the Artists, Crafters and Writers Guild in the Social Community - and of course my normal spiel is to emphasize strongly that the Social Community section of the boards is WAY AWESOME and you should definitely not miss getting involved there. Each of the Social Groups has a bit of a different emphasis and a different atmosphere, and you're welcome to join as many as you like. I'm personally in the Black Tower SG, where we're all just a bit nuts (or more than a bit), and where spam, games, spam, the taint, spam spam bacon and spam rule the day. :biggrin:


And I see you've already found the ACW guild... My oh my but you're fast. :laugh:


Well, dive right on in, and feel free to ask any questions you have -- this forum attracts a lot of helpful members who'd be happy to answer whatever you want to know.


Except my age. You can't have that.

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Welcome to the site Jonas, I am an Rper and staff member over on the RP boards. If you feel like joining us we'd love to have you. :) If you have any questions about it please ask.


Languages are fun, my default second language German which isn't as nice sounding as french. However, you should find some people who speak any number of languages. :)

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And when a Green says "we'd love to have you", they REALLY mean it. *winks*


Glad do have you aboard, Jonas - hope we'll be seeing you at the RP side soon :)


Thank you!


I was just looking over all the RP groups actually. I am biding my time before starting a bio to get approved and apply to a group. I am deciding whether to start a totally new concept of my character, or go with my familiar, already established bio, or perhaps an amalgam of the two.


Oh and as for the Greens, I may wink and say, "Green is my favorite color" but I don't plan on being too easy to catch :wink:

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