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Approved BT Bio for Kudaran - Needs Aiel CC

Arath Faringal

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DM Handle- Kudaran Dragon Blooded

Contact Info- jmjkronos@gmail.com

Character Count- 0


Character name- Kudaran of the Bent Peak Daryne

Nationality- Aiel

Age- 22

Physical Characteristics- Red hair, bright green eyes, 6' 8'', 250 lb.


Physical Description- A very tall man, lean and hard, yet with an air of nobility about him. He moves gracefully, like a panther, red hair dancing on his neck. He is a handsome man, with a muscular build and a straight back. He often looks distant, but always has a smile for any who pass by, and is a very genial man in general. He is at the center of every conversation, and is well liked by all.


Personal History- Even before Kudaran learns to channel, he is a strange boy.


He is always searching, looking for something he is missing, even though he has all anyone could want. His mother is the Roofmistress of a strong hold. His father is a famed warrior, a Stone Dog, veteran of a thousand battles. Though he grew up in the midst of a terrible feud, it's corrosive influence never gained hold on his thoughts, and he lived without malice for his hold's blood enemies. His father is the biggest thing in his life, teaching him ancient values and training him for a hard life in the waste. Kudaran finds that the arts of war and survival come easily to him, and his natural talent is praised by his hold. He and his father are bonded by their time together, but he bond goes deeper than that, to a secret that none else know, or could ever know.


Kudaran's father can channel.


He is a rare kind, one who is resistant to the taint's effects, and has held off the madness for years. He has tried several times to follow his duty and seek death in the Blight, but when he reaches the border, he simply can’t go in, some part of his mind telling him that that is not his destiny, and he believes it so strongly that he lives with his channeling for 20 years. When he thinks he can go on no longer and will die of shame, he discovers Kudaran can channel as well. This gives him new focus, and he devotes himself to making sure that Kudaran does not fall to the madness and can control his power. For a month he teaches him, showing him how to control the flow of saidin and resist the Taint's influence.


Then the worst happens.


Kudaran's father's mental defenses, after holding for so long, snap and the madness takes control. Ten people die and many more are wounded before he becomes himself again.


When he sees what he has done, he is devastated. He says his goodbyes, and heads for the Blight.


Kudaran wanders in a haze for many hours. When he recovers from the shock, he goes out into the Waste for a time to find his focus again and to recover.


He returns some weeks later to find his hold destroyed, huts burning and all it's people slaughtered. Trollocs are the only possibility, but there is no way they could have gotten there. Life and mind shattered, he wanders again into the Waste. He crosses the Dragonwall and goes into the wetlands, rebuilding his mind as he goes. He travels through many countries, and is chased out at every turn. When it seems that no hope is left, he hears of an amnesty, a truce for men like him, men who go mad and could kill everyone. Wondering if even wetlanders could be so foolish, he follows the trail of rumors until he finds the Black Tower.

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I am having a really hard time with this bio, to be honest. I've talked with Arath about allowing an Aiel to become a member of the Black Tower, provided the background story and the following storyline of the character was in line with Aiel culture. The very idea for the an Aiel to become an Ashaman was very unprecedented, but I was willing to allow one anomaly provided it kept with the realism of the culture of the Aiel and the whole of the WOT-dom.


One anomaly is one thing. But there are so many elements in this bio that are decidedly uncharacteristic for Aiel that it crosses the line of believability.


I will discuss this with Arath in detail first. I'm sure that we can come to a sollution on this if you are flexible and willing to compromise.


For now however, I can't approve it yet.

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Yes, they were turned down in the past. However, I'm aware of (and have approved under strict watchfulness) this "anomaly" given the changes going on in the Books regarding Rand (Aiel/Channeler). There was a discussion held on the PSW Staff board with Arath and Myst on this topic. They both have to be satisfied that the Bio works before it will be approved.

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