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Theory: How the DO's prison will be handled.


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I've been to dragonmount a few times to get a glimpse of other people's impression of the books, this is my first time posting however, so please excuse me if this has already been brought up.


Now on we go:

I'm curious as to how the sealing of the DO's prison will happen, not so much just how they do it, but rather what the outcome will be.

Its been mentioned more times than I can count over the books that time in the WoT Universe is stuck in a loop, and that the things we are currently reading about have happened before and will happen again, what with ages coming and going etc.

Now, what's been itching me is the dark one's prison, so say for instance that the events current in Randland have happened before, during the previous "loop" of ages, that ought to mean that a previous bore to the prison must have existed. However, in the flashback to when Mierin discovered the True Power, and the "wall" keeping mankind away from it, there was no mention of a bore, hole, or any sort of weaker part of this "container". Now that would probably be something that the Aes Sedai researching this new source of power ought to mention in these flashbacks, especially if they were trying to break this barrier keeping the True Power sealed away, since it wasn't I'm going under the assumption that it was in fact intact.

Now if the ages has already been and will be again, that means that somewhere along the line the prison must be repaired, and not just a patch over it, but made fully intact, and I believe this will happen during Tarmon Gai'don, which also makes sense as in regards of Herid Fel's mentioning of having to "clear the rubble" to be able to fix the bore.


Now for this theory to be plausible, it requires the turnings of the wheel to keep major events through the ages identical, if ages come once more, however if things within these ages may change, the theory above holds no ground at all.


There's also the chance that RJ may have overlooked this certain aspect, and this flashback wasn't meant to be a hint as to how the sealing will be handled at all, or that a mentioning of an "oddity" in the barrier holding the True Power was simply not mentioned as to give cause for speculation.


What do you guys think, does this seem reasonable or am I overthinking things?

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Yeah, Herid Fel pretty much says the seal will need to be complete, like how the Creator first made it (LoC, chapter 18). One theory that I like, that Ireond told me, is that Nynaeve might Heal the bore during the Last Battle. That would be awesome!



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