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Arinth Roald

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Rank: Sergeant
WS: 7

Progress to Sergeant
-RP of Choice: Now this is more like it!
-RP of Choice: A Purpose
-Leadership RP: This is Some Rescue


Progress to WS 7
-Training RP: Weapons, Weapons Everywhere!
-Training RP: Fruit Ninja! 


Progress to Lieutenant

-RP of Choice: Eb's Return 

-RP of Choice: A Mark of Memory  

-RP of Choice: The Blade or the Leaf [6 posts - In Progress]

-RP with Band Ally: Strengthening Ties & Making Stuff Go Boom (Band, BT, WK) [7 posts - COMPLETE]

Progress to WS 8

- Training RP:

- Training RP:

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Progress to Lieutenant

-RP of Choice:  Eb's Return 7 Posts (Completed)

-RP of Choice: A Mark of Memory-7 posts (Completed)


-RP of Choice:  The Blade or the Leaf-4 posts (Working on 5th post)

-RP with Band Ally:  Strengthening Ties and Making Stuff Go Boom-3 Posts (Ongoing)



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