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Casdegere Constantine, an Introduction


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Hello everyone, I am new to this site but not so new to The Wheel of Time. In fact I spent a great deal fo time scouring the net looking for information to include in my site for use with a Fantasy Grounds adventure I have been working on. I find it in bad taste to advirtise another site on someone else's forum so if you are interested you may PM me and I will link you.


That said Robert Jordan's works have held my interest for a very long time and even now I reread his books on occaision. It is my wish to join in on some of the creative writings that I see here. I am greatly impressed and wish to join you. Below is a character concept and I look forward to spending more time here in the future.



Casdegere Constantine



Someone once said, “A man can leave the Borderlands but the Borderlands never leaves the man.” Casdegere (Kazz-deh-gear) was such a man that had seen more than his share of blood and war. He was Andoran in truth but he had not stepped foot in Andor for most of his 26 years. His father had a thirst for war and the men of the Borderlands were more than happy to oblige him. He took him, a babe then and his mother to Shienar, the city-fortress of Ankor Dale. There his father fought alongside the Shienarans for many years and when Casdegere was old enough to hold a blade he, along with the other boys were taught how to use them and survive in the blight. After the passing of his mother, Casdegere had lost his taste for war and decided to head to Tar Valon where he might be allowed to ply his trade as a Tower guard or even perhaps as a Warder, if it be the will of the light.


Physical Description:

Casdegere is 26 years old with an almost constant tanned exterior. His eyes show an age much older though, a piercing blue below a mass of raven black hair held by a leather cord. His face holds narrow cheeks and sharp edges that mimic his purposeful demeanor. He is quick and lithe and possesses a great deal of endurance, something that kept him alive in such places as the blight. He prefers cloth and leather colored in browns and greens which have served to hide him from unwanted eyes.

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Hi and welcome to DM, Casdegere! Great that you found us :)


Nice to have new RPrs :) Have you also considered ACW Guild?


Do you have a favourite WoT character?


Feel free to ask if you've got any questions about the site! I hope you'll like it here!

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I will say that the site is somewhat confusing at the start. It just takes a bit of time to become used to its layout. I do like how it forces someone to actually read though. Many sites make it too easy to just bypass the rules and regs and in many cases, people are often asking questions answered in your instructions here.


I have 3 characters I like the most, Davram Bashere for one. Any man with the nads to throw a dagger at the Dragon Reborn's face is ok in my book. I also like Padan Fain and Thomdril Merrilin.


I will read what the ACW is all about but for starters I wish to RP a Warder character and a very evil antagonist character. Thank you for the warm welcome!

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Welcome to DM, Casdegere :)


Glad to see that you are interested in joining the RP side! Please scroll down the board to The Welcome Inn, (or click on the underlined bit) for further information on how to go about joining and sending in your Bio(s).

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