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Hello new old friends !!


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I would like to start by saying that i am new to this community. So hello to everyone!


While i am new to thsi site and have not yet met any of you, i am not new to this series. I picked up the forst book of this series in 96 when i was a teenager at the suggestion of the owner of my local bookstore. There were a few Written at that time and as soon as i allowed myself a second to begin the eye of the world i was hooked. I had read many fictional works over the years and loved all of them but i had never read a novel with as much impact as this. The developement of the story was like nothing i had ever seen before. I felt as though the people in the stories were friends that i had known for all of my life and i valued the time i spent with them at least as much as the time i spent with my actual friends!! Seems kinda silly im sure.


Years later i have been waiting for each installment. Painfully in some cases as i am sure you can all agree. I have come to have a deep adn abiding love for the world that RJ had given to us. I still and will always love the work that he gave to us to tell the story of this brave world called the third age by some...


When news came of RJs illness and death i knew despair. The story would remain untold. Then we learn taht RJ wanted the story complete so badly that he paved the way for another to take up the pen and the mantle of story teller. TO show us the way and to be our light in the dark. And when this man took up the mantle he spoke with the voice we all knew and hope was reborn for us all !!.


This story and the world that it takes place in are a wonderful gift to us all. I have shared it with my wife who is now an avid fan and eagerly awaits the end of an era with me. My daughter who is now 2 is in the middle of the dragon reborn and lopves to be read to as i have been reading her a few pages a night before bed since she came home from the hospital. Ill admit that my wife listens as intently as my daughter does heh heh. After so long a journey into this world it will be sad to come to the end of the road. But the way that the story has touched me will not end. I am minded everytime i sit to read if of an old man by a fire with pipe in hand as he reads to children gathered at his feet listening to every word spoken......and i hope to be that old man one day.



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Hello Konteil and welcome! I feel the same way about the books as you do (as do most of us here). I only learned of the series about a year ago but I was hooked after the first chapter :wink: I'm now doing a re-read in anticipation for AMoL now. We have a lot of fun here at DM and there are so many places to interact with like-minded people.


Who is your favorite character?

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thank you all for warm welcome!! so may questions to answer so i will do the best that i can.


as far as my fav character is concerned he was unfortunately killed off in the tower of ghenji. noal was and is my favorite. i had speculated for a bit that he may have been jain farstrider. was very nice to see the reveal but sad that he is now lost in truth. would have loved some more backstory on him and the events that led to his lifes end. my second fav would have to be perrin.


As faar as my favorote scene hands down it is the forging of perrins hammer. I am a dabbler in blacksmith work making knives swords and simple armor as well as a career jeweler so it spoke to me on many levels. i could feel the elation at a power wrought weapon being made!!! such a powerful scene.


as far as a least fav there really isnt one for me. even the secondaries are well written. thereis just so much there!

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