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BotRH Req's for Arkin Fletcher


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Rank: Sergeant
WS: 8

Progress to Corporal (Complete)
-Intro RP: Go and be what you are
-Weapons Training RP: Weapons, Weapons Everywhere!
-Choice of RP: Now this is more like it!

Progress to Sergeant (Complete)
-Choice of RP: Work... Wait, what?

-Choice RP: A Mark of Memory  
-Leadership RP: This is Some Rescue... (Daughter of the Nine Moons Main Plotline RP)

Progress to WS 7 (Complete)
-Training RP: Fruit Ninja! 
-Training RP: Catharsi


Progress to WS 8 (Complete)

-Training RP: Eb's Return (Open/All)

-Training RP: A Visit to the Medics


Progress to Lieutenant

-Choice of RP: A Boy and His Toys (Pahl's Arrival) (In Progress)  

-Choice of RP: Stranger Reflections

-Choice of RP:

-Inter Group RP: Strengthening Ties & Making Stuff Go Boom (Band/BT/WK) - 3/5 posts


Progress to WS 9

-Training RP:

-Training RP:





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Right! Here we go! 


Progress to Sergeant


Choice RP:      5/5 Complete


Leadership RP:     5/5 Complete




Progress from WS 6 - 7 


(Can I use this solo training RP as a thing?) 




5/5 complete


4/5 (but a super long first post haha)



Progress to Lieutenant


Choice RP:   5/5 Complete 



More to come v soon yew




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Links updated. Rank and WS updated.


Rank up to Sergeant, WS raise to 7, WS raise to 8 = all completed. Needs approval stamp from you @Cass.


@The Bard Babe if you felt like adding 2 more posts to the Inter Group RP, you could meet your word and post count. Just check what's gone before as both Arinth and I referred to you a few times.

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