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Light vs Dark


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A Cherokee is telling his grandson about a fight

that is going on inside himself.

He said it is between 2 wolves.

One is evil: Anger, envy, sorrow, regret,

fearful thinking, greed, arrogance, self-pity,

guilt, resentment, inferiority, lies,

false pride, superiority and ego.

The other is good: Joy, peace, love, hope, serenity,

humility, kindness, benevolence, empathy, generosity,

truth, compassion and faith.

The grandson thought about it for a minute

and then asked his grandfather, "Which wolf wins?"

The Cherokee simply replied, "The one I feed."


In the WoT I see the light side as life and creation and I see the dark side as death and destruction. I have realized that the fighting at Tarmon Gaidon is not what is going to win the battle. It will be creation. The best way for people to fight the DO is to build, create, and reproduce. That is what feeds the light side. This is why the three Taveren come from a Two Rivers. The Two Rivers people would always rebuild. Their stubbornness is well known and they won't let destruction dictate their lives. I knew there was power in creation within the WoT, but I had never realized how strong it is until I read the piece of the prologue from AMoL.


I think that destruction solidified the dark ones victory against LTT. You can say that The Dragon won, but after looking at all of the chaos and destruction in his wake it makes you wonder. Centralizing all of that destruction on to one point, Dragonmount, caused the world to break. That is why Ishamael pushed him in the beginning of EotW. He wanted LTT to snap and cause chaos and destruction. It feeds the darkside.


This is why Balefire is so terrible. It is pure destruction. Other weaves can have different uses. Even deathgates can be used to trim leather for a bracer, but Balefires only use is to burn things from the pattern.


It has recently been noted that the BT is made of rock from Shayol Ghul. why? Because the creation of something as magnificent as a city would hurt the DO. They use tainted stone to negate the power of creation.


The song will be found, children will be born, the schools will produce amazing inventions, and the monument with Rand's body will be created. The light side will win.

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I don't know if i agree 100%... for such things as using Balefire against Shadowspawn or BA sisters or rogue Asha'man. Those channelers who were executed in the Great Purge weren't balefired, so that may come back to bite us later on... It should be the rules of punishment for darkfriend channelers.

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I understand that if you want to clean house permanently than Balefire is your weave. There is a reason that they stopped using Balefire in the War of the Shadow. Such unbridled destruction almost tore the pattern apart. THE WHOLE PATTERN. If the DO goal is to stop the wheel or destroy the pattern then that is fuel for his fire, even if you are killing someone from the dark.


This got me thinking about Cuendillar. Why were the seals made of Cuendillar? Our gut instinct is to say, “so they can not be broken”, but I think there is more to it. Cuendillar is perfect creation in the same way the Balefire is perfect destruction. There was extra strength imbued in the seals and that strength is from the perfect creation, which in turn feeds the light side.

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There are so many minor details that turn in to major events in this series. How can something like The Black Tower being made of Shayol Ghul rock be a "stupid detail"? This detail could indead set up a situation where Rand has a battle at the BT and his blood gets spilled on the rocks of Shayol Ghul.

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