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  1. But thats because logain can see ta'veren like both siuan and nicola can. EDIT: sid beat me to the answer...
  2. Terez, you're the first to make me consider Demandred=roedran. But there is one flaw in that he is responsible for the BT. At the cleansing, he didn't know the meaning of a black coat, considered the clue argument against taimandred, when not talking about RJ quotes. Talking about kisman getting his orders from Demandred, I think he was decieved. IIRC, he is ordered Rand's death by him, but Demandred would want to do it himself.
  3. But that's because you have little time for reading I suppose. So maybe you woudln't have much time for listeing to it too. Not a lot of time but mostly just a slow reader really. I can't believe that reading a book a day is the norm. Seems exceptional to me. It is. But i know i can do it to if i have the time....but its not the norm.
  4. Met isn't excatly stuck in wilderness...One of Perrin's asha'man(forgot which) makes a gateway at their point of arrival every day at noon. he'll be at FoM soon enough. The real question is, who's gonna inform FoM that ceamlyn is under attack? someone will have to. I think the best possibility is the Kin. i think they will screw up partly for not warning them in time. About the siege, Mat remarked once on its defendibility. i forgot where, but he had memories of trying to attack it, and in his words "Caemlyn never made for an easy fight" and as "build by Ogier with defence in mind". If the Band and the Kin can mount a defence for the Inner city, they will be able to hold it quite long. don't forget that even without mat, the Band is the army in Randland with most fighting experience(source: wot wikia. i know, not too relyable, but not nonsene either.) with the possible exception of Aiel. I do hope the Kin will fight. so far, they've proven completely useless as battle channelers as a group, although exeptions may occur. as for who will assist in defence, i don't really have the feeling i can make a good guess. everyone seems to be busy at FoM. maybe this will be the first on-screen shadow victory.
  5. I thought that he stood merely at the entramce still having to go 20-50 meter or so. thaan he would not yet be in the corridor. But that doesn't fit the glow.
  6. I think there's more to Justice than meets the eye. Could be a *angreal as well. It's just not logical that the Dragon Reborn would carry the sword of Hawkwing as it's useless for someone with one hand (even if he has been restored already). That sword does something special. The special thing could be inmaterial value. much mentioned are for example the possibility to trade with the seanchan. even if it would be half a shoelace, if you can trade it for peace with a powerful nation, that makes it valueable. i dont think that its special cause its a sword, but because its hawkwing's sword. Edit: Quote is from wot.wikia.com. A wire, gold? Seems you just described the dagger! And you should sheath it! Not sheathing it would say it's something special, why else would you carry a dull dagger? except the bit at the tip. and the dreamspike: the tip seems to indicate this one. the color i was reffering to was of the hilt itself,(sorry for bad language, if thats what gave you the idea i was talking about the wire - that is to thin for me to see.) the "large metal head" is easily seen on the cover, even without enlarging the pic. 2nd edit: why sheet a dull dagger? its not for dagger uses, and it wont cut your belt. its just there to hide you, not to be a dagger.
  7. we Know people get reborn more often - altough it varies. Rand is the Dragonsoul's most recent incarnation since LTT, but Birgitte has been born many times this age. she remebers at least 4 lives since the trolloc wars, and claimed to have forgotten many more. the AoL were about her older memories.
  8. I took a better look at the dagger on his side, and there is definitely a wire around the upside of it, and while the color is not very easy to see, it looks gold to me. Also, just before the tip is a part a little bit broader. That would be strange on a knife, and would have been noted in the discription. Also, it would not make sense to sheat a knife almost to dull to cut butter, while its use would be different. This makes it very unlikely to me that its the dull dagger. I do think that its te dreamspike, dispite my earlier nktion of potential problems - there may be ways to offset some of those, or Rand does not know some, and its anyway still better than nothing. Knowledge about the dreamspike's key won't be widespread.
  9. I've speculated elsewhere that Rand may have a special relationship with T'A'R. If so, if anyone can reconnect T'A'R with the Blight in general and SG in particular - which may be necessary in order to Heal the hole in the Pattern that is the Bore - it's Rand. Of course, something will have to restore TAR-ability to SG...but even than, morridin almost for sure knows the key to this dreamspike. I always think of the key as a very specific addition to he traveling weave that wil make this dreamspike let you through. Unless Rand can change/reset the key of course.
  10. I saw some people voted for fain being the thing touching the DO. Thats impossible. E know the bore has been sealed every previous time. And we know that fain is unique to this age. So all the previous times, he was not required.
  11. I love it... Dreamspike sounds like a very good idea...it's about the size and shape I imagined. And its usefullness would be unquestionable. However, we've only seen it work from TAR. So it either functions outside to, or this IS TAR(y'know, SG, the place without TAR reflection... Than again, Moridin is bound to know its key to...
  12. I thougt that the big cities without refugees were 500k an TV 700. but I dont know these for sure. But according to mr. Norrij's last reports on the subject to Elayne, the now have double.their old pop. They exceeded TV somewhere end TGS, IIRCAIUD. Still, a lot of people to leave for the trollocs, as was my point.
  13. She'll do whatever benefits her the most. Problem is, even if her situation with the Shadow is currently really bad, I don't see how changing sides would improve it. Even if she does change sides, I wouldn't consider it true redemption if she's doing it for self-serving reasons. She wouldn't be a good person, but if she gets the bore locked up, than she's definitely usefull. I think this is the only kind of turn avalable for her without falling out of character. In short, she will be helping the light - but out of hatred for the shadow.
  14. There are million civilians in caemlyn, including the refugees. Maybe she conscripted about 300K of these - what would be insanely high - and you stil have 700K people you just leave for trolloc food. you've clearly been channeling to much saidin preWH.
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