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  1. There are so many minor details that turn in to major events in this series. How can something like The Black Tower being made of Shayol Ghul rock be a "stupid detail"? This detail could indead set up a situation where Rand has a battle at the BT and his blood gets spilled on the rocks of Shayol Ghul.
  2. I understand that if you want to clean house permanently than Balefire is your weave. There is a reason that they stopped using Balefire in the War of the Shadow. Such unbridled destruction almost tore the pattern apart. THE WHOLE PATTERN. If the DO goal is to stop the wheel or destroy the pattern then that is fuel for his fire, even if you are killing someone from the dark. This got me thinking about Cuendillar. Why were the seals made of Cuendillar? Our gut instinct is to say, “so they can not be broken”, but I think there is more to it. Cuendillar is perfect creation in the same
  3. A Cherokee is telling his grandson about a fight that is going on inside himself. He said it is between 2 wolves. One is evil: Anger, envy, sorrow, regret, fearful thinking, greed, arrogance, self-pity, guilt, resentment, inferiority, lies, false pride, superiority and ego. The other is good: Joy, peace, love, hope, serenity, humility, kindness, benevolence, empathy, generosity, truth, compassion and faith. The grandson thought about it for a minute and then asked his grandfather, "Which wolf wins?" The Cherokee simply replied, "The one I feed."
  4. Oh, I am definitely not bashing RJ or the WoT. Many characters with in the story are references to different mythological characters.(ie. Mat and Odin) I just see a very strong correlation between Perun/Thor vs. snake and Perrin vs. Shadair Haran.
  5. I was reading through the Perun and Thor mythologies and it seems that if RJ's goal was to follow these mythologies to the end, which I think it was, then Perrin will fight Shaidar Haran. Perun- The god of the underworld, in the form of a serpent, steals something from Perun, possibly his wife. Perun attacks the serpent with lightning and eventually defeats him. Thor- At Ragnarok, the end of the world, Thor fights Jörmungandr, the snake. Thor defeats Jörmungandr walks nine paces and dies. In both mythologies the snake is evil incarnate and they fight and die against the protagonis
  6. Personally, I was surprised how big the ice caps are. It makes you wonder what is under there.
  7. Very cool MatBloodyCauthon.(good music choice, by the way) I love it when stuff like that happens. I don't have any specific songs but I would often listen to Heartland: An Appalachian Anthology. That and bluegrass. They seem to fit very well in the earlier books when people are camped in the woods, and when ever someone is hanging out in a tavern. (so, pretty frequently)
  8. Which is why it was a terrible plan with an entirely foreseeable weakness. Why not just tell him to wait 10 days and then open the letter? Why not ask him to give the letter to Elayne? She IS the queen after all. In the letter she writes: "You must reach the queen and persuade her to destroy the Waygate" So why not just ask him to diliver a letter to the queen? Verin was very aware of Mats distrust of AS. Has he ever shown such great curiosity that it would overcome his "unwillingness" to be ensnared by the AS plots? I just think Verin had something else in mind when giving the
  9. I am curious what will happen with Rand's bonds when he goes in to Shayol Ghul. What if all his ladies can't sense him anymore? They may all assume that he is dead. After he kicks some butt he then walks out of Shayol Ghul and everyone is like, "Oh cool, he's not dead!" Also, as a side note, everyone was freaking out about 13x13 for a while, but it sounds to me like Rand will be able to fix it.
  10. Just because a chapter starts with one character or icon doesn't mean that the whole chapter will deal with those characters. I am rereading Winters Heart right now. (and enjoying it)I found a very important switch at the end of one of the chapters. If I had said, "Oh, this chapter is about ... I'm not going to bother" I would have missed those 3-4 pages of important info.
  11. 1) If this is your first time through why are you skipping chapters? What chapters did you skip up to this point? One of my favorite things about the series is the little details that may be brought up in a chapter "worth skipping" that turn out to be pivotal later on. 2) Even the worst parts of the series add to it. Look at the story as a whole, not just story lines. 3) Keep in mind that you are asking these questions to people who have devoted a fair amount of their lives to this series and have very strong feeling for/against certain characters.
  12. Oh yeah, the beetle guy. That had to suck.
  13. I personally think that the north and south poles shifted to east and west, making there earth sideways. That would mean that Randland is the United States the waste would be Canada, and Shara would be Far north Canada and Greenland. Also, with a little world breaking that would line up RJ's Two Rivers (Charleston, SC) with Randlands Two Rivers. Seanchan would be south America and Australia or a landmass under our Antarctica. The land of Madmen is the western part of Africa. As for the rest of our world, it's all covered by ice. Have you seen the ice caps on that map? They are frickin'
  14. Somewhere around here I saw a posting talking about the pipe. Someone had mentioned that Talmanes received a pipe from Roedran(who many think is Demondred)It was also stated that metal was the best material to use for a tracer. (like Moiraine's coins)So, someone tracks down the band, or members of the band, and slaughters them. Hopefully not Talmanes, I like that guy.
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