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Hello Dragonmount !


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Greetings. I recently finished reading all thirteen books. They lasted for 134 days, not counting the few days off, for what I estimate to be around 450 hours. It was incredible. It is incredible. When going from one book to the next without pause, the momentum of the story just kept building. Wow. There is so much to think about. I have never eperienced entertainment to this level. There were numerous moments when I would look up from the pages, awestruck by the sheer creation of it all.


Twelve years ago my brother introduced me to the series and I read the first nine books. I really liked them, but I was too young to really take it all in and find entertainment in all of the various elements. I was only interested in a few of the plot lines. However, the reading I did back then left a fondness for the world and for the voice of the author. I did not realize this until I started reading it again four months ago. One day I just got a craving for the words, and when I sat down with New Spring I was surprised at how much of the construct had stayed with me after twelve years. It gave me sort of a head start. I knew the physics and the general workings of the world, so this time I could really focus on the story within it. There is so much to assimilate. As I have already seen mentioned on this forum, one trip through the series is not enough for most to catch it all. But when the framework sets in the story really pumps.


I must stop, lest this gets too long. I look forward to this forum and reading the many things about Wheel of Time that have been written here. I intentionally avoided this place while reading the books, for fear that I might unravel something or shift my own perceptions, but now there are no more books and I am not ready to leave the escape yet. So I join you.

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*peers at username* Southern Illinois University alum? :wink:


Hi Saluki! Welcome, welcome, glad you came to join us!


These books are pretty amazing, I agree... and continue to be amazing on re-reads. Who are your favorite characters?


Peruse the forums, and make sure not to miss the Social Groups section -- I lurked around here for about a year before I discovered just how much fun I was missing and how many great people I'd not yet met. Even when we're not discussing WoT, we've got some fantastic folks to get to know around here.


Feel free to ask any questions you have here, there are quite a few helpful types who'll be popping in to check on you and saying hello. And I will be back myself to see what you've got to say!


~ Tress

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Welcome to DM Saluki!!


I never think that you are too young for WoT. The youngest I have heard who read was 10 years old.


And don't worry about long posts. Here long posts are better than short posts like "Hey! I just read all WoT books and loved them. And I came here to discuss with other WoT lovers" And you are lucky to have a brother who likes Wot, my brother hates Wot, even though he has never read it. Maybe he is afraid that he would like it if he read it.


Who is your favourite character?

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Welcome to DM, Saluki! :)


Great to meet another that eager WoT fan!! Glad you found us :)

Pank said it well about the long posts. It's nice to have something to answer to.


Do you have a least favorite WoT character?


Feel free to ask if you've got any questions!! I hope you'll like it here! :)

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*peers at username* Southern Illinois University alum? :wink:


*surprised* Yeah! And I was one of the Salukis, too :)


I haven't settled on any favorite or least favorite characters. For the three ta'verens, I like them in the order of Rand, Mat, and Perrin. As for the Chosen I like Lanfear, Rhavin, and Moghedien. Lanfear dares to dream above even the Great Lord himself, and she is perhaps the most passionate in the series. Rhavin created quite a mess in Caemlyn with the use of one weave. It was some impressive work. Moghedien. I like how she spared a few moments from her busy schedule, for personal reasons, to launch balefire from a rooftop.

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