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Sean Foster

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Hello everyone, my name is Sean and I love WoT! I started reading Eye of the World with the free sample book (first few chapters) back in the day. I barely started Crossroads of Twilight some years ago when I put the book down and didn't pick it up again.


I decided to start reading the series again as I heard that the final book is coming out. I just started "The Dragon Reborn" today, and it's been great reliving all the epic moments. One of my favorite moments in the whole series is the end of "The Great Hunt" when Mat blows the Horn and Artur Hawkwing is just talking to Rand addressing him as Lews Therin like it's of no consequence.


Really looking forward to catching back up and am pumped for the final book.


I did have a question. At the beginning of "The Great Hunt" the prologue focuses around a character, a "man called Bors". He receives some kind of orders from Ba'alzamon but I don't recall seeing him again in the book. Was that a different character that I was missing?



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Hi Sean! Welcome to DM! :biggrin:


Since you're not completely caught up (and it's apparently been a while since you've read some of the books), I'd suggest you be careful of spoilers in the General WoT discussion boards... there are the Structured discussion boards that are book specific, or you can make a point of noting how far you've read if you post a thread in the General WoT discussion so that people won't spoil you accidentally...


Your question re: Bors actually does get answered in A Crown of Swords. There are hints along the way, if you happen to catch them. I'd tell ya straight out, but half the fun is picking up on RJ's clues.


Aside from the book discussion, I'd recommend checking out the social groups -- there are some great people to meet and a lot of fun to be had.


Speaking of fun, I love re-reading the series. Every time I pick up on more foreshadowing and detail that I'd missed before.


Who's your favorite character so far?

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Thanks for the warm welcome :biggrin: .


Fine details in all the books have been completely lost to me, so I'll have to keep my ears open for talk of Bors.


My favorite character overall has to be Rand. His "rebirth", his continued struggles (internal and external), just fantastic character development. I also like the plot line developments revolving around Lanfear. One of my favorite things about the books' story is the One Power and the True Source twist on "magic" that you might normally see in other fantasy novels.


How many times have you read the whole series?

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Hi and welcome to DM, Sean!


I'm one of those still on the first round of WoT, currently on TGS, so I can't say anything about those re-reads. But I guess they're amazing.

Do you have a least favorite character or a favorite Forsaken?


Feel free to ask if you've got any questions about the site. I hope you will like it here!!

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Yay responses!


As I'm on my first re-read, I'm going to pretend I don't remember much from the first read. Currently my favorite scene is the end of book two when Artur Hawkwing addresses Rand as Lews Therin like they're old friends.


Favorite character is Rand, favorite Forsaken is Lanfear. Favorite Aes Sedai is probably Cadsuane (spelling?)

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