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Piano and Lily Asked For It


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I'm serious. Y'all asked for it.




Putting on a graceful smile, Christine welcomed in the guests standing at her door. Little did they know that this call would end in her favor alone.


"Lily Sedai! Piano! Please, won't you both come in?"


The two entered in, glancing at each other for a moment, as if trying to warily take in the scene. They were right to question her motives. She had a goal, and would not stop until she got what she wanted.


"Dinner is almost ready. Please, won't you have a drink with me while my slaves finish the last of it?"


Of course, they would think that the drinks were poisoned. They would sip daintily at their drinks, and then turn to throw them into the nearest potted plant. And Christine would let them be wary of their drinks. This time, however, they were not poisoned.


And when she finally did hand out drinks, they acted the way that she knew they would. All smiles, but not actually taking a sip. Christine enjoyed sipping at hers, knowing that they were going to become overly paranoid.


A bell rung from the kitchen, notifying her that dinner was ready. Leading the way, Christine took her seat at the head of the table, and began eating her meal. Like with the drinks, Lily and Piano were picky, as though they suspected poison. They should know her better than that. She was classier than that.


And there was no way she would ruin a good meal before dessert.


The talk was small and light, as if the two suspected they could leave her house that evening. If they had known that this was truly their last hours alive, they would have behaved differently. They would have acted offensively, instead of simply being defensive.


As the last plates were cleared away, Christine beckoned them to return to the parlor room for after dinner drinks and a little light music.


"Lily, darling, won't you please grace us with your skills on the piano?"


Lily sat down at the piano and began playing. Christine let her eyes linger there for a moment, before turning to Piano. Perhaps it would have been more suitable for Piano to die by piano, but she had better ideas for him.


He stared at her, knowing that something was coming, but Christine kept a smile on her face all the same. A yelp of surprise came from Lily's fingers, and Christine could see from the corner of her eye that the acid on the keys had begun to eat through the tips of her fingers. The blood was dripping, and it almost broke Christine's heart, knowing she would have to replace her piano after this.


Lily began to rub her hands on her dress to get the acid off, but instead, the poison spread, eating through anything it touched. The woman was screaming now, trying to end it, but Christine didn't move a muscle towards her. Instead, she kept her eye on Piano, who looked torn between ending Christine, and ending Lily's pain with a swift dagger to the heart.


"I wouldn't do that if I were you. That acid eats through most anything it touches, save for, as it seems, the ivory keys."


Piano settled down at those words, now staring back at Christine. It was becoming a game of wits.


The screams from Lily finally settled as the woman ended herself with a dagger to her own heart. Interesting, watching a woman with such power come to such a gruesome end.


The sofa monster began to move beneath Piano. The man seemed to have half jumped in surprise, but Christine raised her hand to stop him.


"I am going to strongly suggest against getting up. While you sit there, he is unable to attack you, but once you raise your weight off of him, he will surely attack, and eat you as you are."


His mouth dropped open in shock, and Christine rose from her chair, going to the nearby bar. Picking up two items, she returned to her seat opposite Piano.


"Now, we can make this truly easy, dear. Lily was kind enough to leave her cloak in the front hallway, her Points secure inside. You, on the other hand, still have your points in your pocket. Sign away your points to me, and you can leave her, safe and alive. Refuse, and you shall die."


Christine revealed to him the items in her hands, a piece of parchment and pen, to sign away his points. With shaky hands, the man did so, and handed over all of his points. Smiling to herself, Christine went to the hallway and took Lily's last points as well. It was a very productive day.


"Thank you, Piano. Fluffy, you may eat him now."


The sofa monster jumped up and devoured Piano in one gulp. Satisfied, the monster resumed it's happy sleep within the folds of the sofa, and Christine smiled, going to the door to let in her last guest of the evening.


"Oh Great Lord, I have done this for you. Are you pleased?"


Naeann stepped inside and viewed the bloody remains of Lily and the shoes left from Piano beside the satisfied monster. Christine was curtsied down before her great master, hoping to have done well. She would kill any and all for points, and do anything to please her Mistress.





So? Points?

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