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It's evening here and I was just heading off to sleep listening to one of the 4th age podcasts. Something that stood out to me was Mat and the Horn


All through the series we have been hearing how the Horn is true to the person who blows it up to their death.

At the same time we heard Mat would Die and live once more


So my question is; did Mat's "death" cut his ties to the horn and therefore it is now open for anyone?

Cos he did die, in a way

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As Luckers said, that is one of the unknowns.


My thougth is that he is still tied to the horn.

Mat didnt die in Rhuidean, he was almost dead.


He did most certainly die to Rahvin but then Rand balefired Rahvin and burned him out of the pattern to a place prior to Mat being killed, thus returning Mat to the pattern.

My guess is that the bond with the horn was severed but re-established when Mat thread was put back into the pattern as if it was not cut.

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Mat is still tied to the Horn; its part of his symbolism. Not to mention, everyone of importance knows he is tied to it. Thus the Horn will find its way into his hands regardless.

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