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  1. I have three that are scary for different reasons. Moridin- Sure he is bat shit crazy but that isnt the reason, he just doesnt care anymore. He is the only forsaken who truely knows what will happen if the DO wins (how the others have not figured it out is beyond reason) and he just doesnt care. He is ready for it all to be over. That is truely scary. Semi- She will do anything (and probably has) to a human body just to see what the end result is. Sadistic to the extreme and does it with no emotion what so ever. Scary. Aginor- The stuff that he was doing with genetic research back in the day was disturbing, and he did it for fun.
  2. The Perrin hate is strong in this thread it is..... I think one of the big 3 are going to die. Rand is the easy answer because it is fortold that he would. So i dont think it is him. Mat had plans post the series ending so it isnt him. That leaves Perrin. I dont want Perrin to die, i like him as a character, but i think the story needs one of the wonder boys to die and i feel Perrin will be that character. He will go out in a blaze of glory for sure, and perhaps Faile will go out with him.
  3. Lots of people have said they would like a WoT MMO but i dont see that as a serious option at all. You have Aes Sedai, Ashaman and fodder. Ashaman is the only real answer, you have all the power and none of the restrictions.
  4. I dont think i would want an animated version of the story. I would most likely watch it but i it is not what i would want. I think a movie or mini series could work because alot of WoT is discription and most of what people complain about as too discriptive and time consuming (word count wise) can be accomplished with one quick camera shot. What i feel hinders the idea of a long movie series or tv series is really 2 things. 1. The timeline. I dont think you could make a movie or series with the existing book time line. You would have to straighten it out or the movie would make no sense. That would be alot of work adapting the story on a time line bases and not on a book basis. Could it be done, sure, but it would be alot of work. 2. Actors. You need a ton of them. Sure most can be unknowns but i think you have to have a couple people in there that people will recognize. Perhaps not because GoT got away with a pretty unknown cast. Bean was probably the biggest and he isnt in it that long. And also this is a long story that only takes 2 years. You would have to get the actors to sign on for the long haul but you would have to shoot like a madman to make sure people didnt grow older than the role. Probably wouldnt be a huge problem with Hollywood and how many dont appear to age much there but still something to think about.
  5. I didnt wish to "requote" your whole post Luckers so i will just say Thanks for th response, it was exactly what i was looking for. I did not know that there is a contract for up to 5 more books out there, that is interesting knowledge. I'm sure they were planned for the follow on novels (like the Mat and Tuon story) but that doesnt mean they have to be. I guess for me at least it i dont want to think as you and Suttree are because it makes me sad for the story. I am very possibly giving Brandon a pass here because i am just so happy that the story is getting finished and it is being finished in a way that i do not dislike. Do i believe it could be better, sure i do, but i am "content" with the way it is now. If Brandon truely is not all that interested in getting certain things right that bothers me. I understand it may not be a strong point but if he really has the time to finish this story as best as possible and he still not all that interested, shrug. I like Brandon's own work and i believe he would have become a popular author on his own, but i also without a doubt believe that WoT has propelled his popularity to another level. I really hope he is not letting it be "good enough". Thank you again for the response.
  6. A question for you Luckers, mainly because as far as i know you have had the most true access to the behind the scenes WOT than anyone else on the site. Do you think if RJ would not have become ill and was able to finish the series it would have been completed in 3 books? I ask because i really didnt think it could have. At the end of KoD RJ said he was going to finish in 1 more no matter what (i dont believe he truely thought that) and when Brandon said it would be 3 more i still couldnt see how it would be done, there were so many things left unfinished. The last two books have felt rushed, both in production and when you read them (to me). I put much of this to the fact that I believe Brandon was told that the series would end in 3 books, period. So he had many loose ends to tie up and a number of them were going to be tied up in unfullfiling ways just to save space. I think if RJ were still here and he said, "3 more books", then said, "Ok maybe 4 or 5 more", he would have gotten away with that. You cant argue with the creator. Brandon doesnt seem to have been given that luxury nor do i think he would even want it. I am sure he has plenty of his own stories he would like to tell. Do you feel that lends to Brandon being unwilling to put forth a ton of time and effort into those areas that are not his natural strong points? His version of WOT does tend to go for the big moments but perhaps part of that is due to him just not having the time (word count wise) to go deeply into the rest of the story.
  7. This series will get butchered as a movie or series of movies. I think the only way this series works would be like how they have done Game of Thrones. You could have an HBO series where a season is perhaps 2 books worth of story. Peter Jackson would be my choice for Director.
  8. Rand knows that he and Galad are half brothers and i believe that he will tell Galad this as soon as they meet. I also believe Galad will embrace him as a brother. Galad is alot of things but he does care for his family and wants to have a relationship with them. He is very loyal even though he will rat you out for your own good. Berelain certainly improved her political Situation. She is now tied to he family of the Dragon, the Queen of Andor/Cairhien, and the last Queen of Andor who was highly influencial. Plus she still has ties to Perrin and the Two Rivers and i believe they will remain an ally to her.
  9. Been awhile since I posted here but this comment provoked me enough to respond. Suttree, I usually find your posts well thought out even when I don't agree with them but I find this assertion that BS isn't trying his hardest to be beyond laughably unbelievable. I've seen absolutely nothing to suggest that he hasn't worked his ass off on this project and given it his absolute all. I've heard him give nothing but the highest of respect for RJ and the WoT and his desire to give it the best possible ending he's capable of. To feel that he hasn't done a good job with that is one thing. To suggest it's because he's lazy and not trying is something else. And I find it pretty crappy without any proof to back it up. Here is an example of what I was referring to from another thread Mark. Since that post others whom I trust have said much the same. Let me be clear, the opinions on the matter are not coming from dubious sources. These are people I respect and whom have a very good idea of what goes on in the process. To be perfectly honest, some of my greatest issues with Brandon's work deals speacifically with the 'done an admirable job under the circumstances' concept. By this, I refer to the elements where Brandon being forced to write in another writers world has created difficulties beyond that which a writer would normally face... and my problem is simple. It is NOT that Brandon did not do as good a job as Jordan. I want that clear. It is that he did not try. Brandon has been very clear about this. He and I discussed it directly. He has been on record about it numerous times. The issue is, simply, when Brandon has come upon an element of writing that he was not good at, which Jordan was, he shrugs his shoulders and acknowledges the innevitable--and usually thereafter leaves all elements related to such matters to Team Jordan and the Beta Readers. The Timeline is one such element. The use of Foreshadow is another, as is the poetry of the prose--these are not elements I am criticising Brandon on, these are the elements that Brandon acknowledges that he is not good at. And therefore dismissed. That is my problem. When it comes to elements that Brandon is not good at or not interested in, then he does not bother with them. It is not a hubris in him, so far as I can tell. Rather it seems to be a sense of resignation. The sense of 'I can't do this well, so I won't bother trying at all'. With this does he shrug of the timeline issues. With this does he set aside the clunky prose. So my issue with Sanderson Moments is not so much in what happens, as in what doesn't. The negative space is telling--and again, to be clear, this is not that he did not do as good a job as 'Jordan' could have--it's that he didn't do as good a job as 'Brandon' could have. I think the bolded item is an important distinction though. There's a difference between not trying (laziness) and knowing your limitations. Perhaps BS believes that leaving those types of issues to Team Jordan results in a better end product. Let's say that I'm painting my house and come across a wall with a hole in it. Let's say I'm a pretty good painter but I'm not that great at construction type work. Would it be laziness if I called in a handyman to patch up the hole before I painted over it? Or is that just me acknowledging something I can't do that well and letting someone else handle it so the end product looks as good as it can? And despite the fact that I greatly respect Luckers and his posts, I think he's a bit unfairly or overly critical regarding BS's work. Well stated Mr. Grayson, exactly what i was thinking. There is certainly a difference between not trying and saying "I am not going to be able to write that like Robert Jordan". To make the statement that he is not trying you imply that he is not doing the best he can, that is different than him knowing what he cannot do and relying on others, like a top notch editing team, to help make the work closer match the previous work. Everyone would have loved the conclusion of these books to be seemless from the rest of the story, well maybe not everyone since there are people on here who state they like the new style better, but that was not going to happen when Mr. Jordan passed away. Brandon Sanderson is a professional writer who put his work on hold to finish a story that he loves as best as he could. To state that he isnt trying states that he doesnt care, and if he doesnt care why would he put his own work on hold to finish this one. I doubt that if Brandon would have said no the story would have died, they would have found another way for it to get done. Critique his style all you want, that is the right of any reader, but it is out of bounds to critique is commitment. Finishing this story has taken up the lionshare of the last 4 years of his life.
  10. So who are these people in the know Suttree? I am quite sure that no one from Team Jordan is saying that Brandon isnt trying his best on this story. That is not something they would want to say even if it were true. If it were true and he didnt care to step it up they would just replace him. I know Luckers has had a bit of communication with Brandon but i certainly dont think Brandon has told him he isnt trying. Again, that would be a very bad thing to tell the guy who is huge player on one of the biggest WoT sites. So i ask again, who are these people in the know. It is a fact that Brandon did not have a lot of time with this story before they wanted a book, it is a fact that he didnt have as much time as needed to finish TGS, it is a fact that the edit process was too short on TGS. These all contribute to what many think was not great "RJ" style work in TGS. What also contribues is the fact that these are not Brandons characters they are RJs. What we now see is an interpretation of RJs characters through the eyes of Brandon. I am sure that Brandon is writing these characters as he sees them, which may not be how "we" see them. Easy for me to understand, i have talked to alot of people who really like Elayne and i cant stand here. There are many that pure hate Faile and i dont mind her. How you view a character as a fan will influence where you take them in a story. Brandon has admitted this with Cadsuane, he doesnt like her, she comes off unlikeable. If people have a serious complaint than they should be sending them to Harriett and the rest of Team Jordan. Let them know that you think they should have chosen ghost writers for the books instead of an author who has his own writing style. Perhaps they will agree with you. How often have you heard a Zeppelin or Beatles cover and said "Well, that isnt nearly as good as the original!" Rarely is "It" ever as good as the original.
  11. Mat was always rude (ish) when talking about Aes Sedai and especially those that he has drug there behinds out of situations they would have had a hard time getting out of themselves. Especially those same women who tend to not only be stingy with the thanks but act like it was their idea the whole time. Now that he has the medallion he is able to be rude to Aes Sedai. What are they going to do to him? And Joline was a very typical nose in the air better than everyone else Aes Sedai. He was never overly rude to Teslyn, mainly because Teslyn was not rude to him. Let us not forget that RJ wrote the little part about Mat paddling Joline's behind in the wagon. He was surly to Aes Sedai prior to Brandon taking over.
  12. The circus plotline in TFOH is the funniest part of the whole series by a mile for me. It's probably the part I've reread the most, it's pure comedy gold. Pretty good character development for the Supergirls too. Plus a lot of things happened during it so plotwise it's not bad at all in this respect. Birgitte and Nynaeve's confrontation with Moggy in TAR, Birgitte's bonding, the meeting with Galad and Masema, the riots in the city. Agreed. The plotline was comedy and a number of cool things went down during that time. A lot of cool things did go down during that time. They just could have gone down with alot less pages.
  13. Again let me say that I love this series and i truely enjoyed each book in it, including the last 2. And i would read this series if 10 more books were scheduled. But the series is so long because RJ liked to ramble on about stuff that was not so important. Show of hands here: Who really gives two shits that Elayne learned how to tightrope walk (kind of) and has some sudo creepy daddy issues with Thom. Hey, we'll escape with this traveling circus. Great idea, lets go. The end. I havent read that portion of the books in awhile but did anything really important happen while they were with Luca's traveling band that we had to spend so much time with it?
  14. Sean Bean is getting a bit type casted isnt he??? But he would make an excellent Tam.
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