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Finding a good Mat Cauthon hat

Guest JaredParsons

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Guest JaredParsons

I'm trying to find a nice wide brimmed black hat to complete a Mat Cauthon costume. I've searched a bit online and got to several hat stores but can't quite find something that matches the description in the books. Does anyone know where I can get one that is at least a good match for the book description of his black hat?

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Hats for a lot of traditional folk costume, the Bunad, looks alot like the fanarts and drawings I've seen of Mat and the Hat. Here's some photos:















Funny enough, alot of bunads also have a similar scarf to how I imagine Mat wears his, I think that is a random funny fact:




The problem is, of course, to get these hats outside of Norway. Also, they are usually a it pricey, I would guess about 1000NOK (that is roughly 100 euro, or 170-180 american dollars). So, I guess that doesn't help you really much at all, sorry.

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OK, it bugged me that I couldn't really help, so I activated my Amazing Internet Search Skills. Here's a couple of hats that might work:












In ending, I'd like to add that I have seen many variations of Mat and the Hat, the only thing people seem to agree on is that it is black and has a wide rim, but I've seen everything from cowboy hats, to fedoras, to spanish-looking hats, to some that I don't even know how to describe (like this one http://3.bp.blogspot.com/_fVgIa91fPBw/TJh2sKLwIYI/AAAAAAAAAFo/vLtluQ95tMM/s1600/Mat_New1.jpg ) . Some seems to think there is a band on it, I've seen him with a feather on the hat... So in general, black and wide rim, and you're good. Google is your friend :)

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You could also try a few of the trader hats people wear at rendezvous. http://www.crazycrow.com/mountain-man-hats


Obviously the St Louis toppers would be out of place but the Charles Bent hat would be a closer fit. They also carry "blanks" if you want to do your own personalizin', all trim and fixed perty like for your dicing.

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try looking up Fedora's. thats the type of hat worn by Gambit in "Wolverine" and similar to how i pictured Matts hat.

Don't forget Dr. Jones! I thought some of the Miller Hats kinda fit the deal. Something like the black hat worn by Kenny Rogers in the Gambler movies maybe...

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If I recall, it wasn't just a wide brimmed hat, but described by Nynaeve as ridiculous.  Closest I could find that wasn't cheap or made of paper that cant get wet, is an Amish style farmers hat.  Only issue is the height of the cap is somewhat extreme, but mitigated this by somewhat of a fold sequence, down then up, to make it more what i prefer.  

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