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  1. Lan and Demandred Galad and Demandred Olver, the Horn, and Noal "I saved Moirraine" LOL Talmanes in the prologue especially Rand and Avi with the angry sounding Maidens of the Spear in the background..... Mat taking command and weeding out the spy so many good moments- Two Absolute Favorites Noal and Olver my favorite- probably one of the more touching Lan and Demandred- that was so epic and awesome
  2. Oh and Logaine - was disappointed in him at first- going after that scepter but like how he ended up saving all the children...
  3. I thoroughly enjoyed the book and am more than a little sad that its done..... I still don't have a favorite part but there somethings that stand out- Olver blowing the horn caught me off guard. Birgette getting axed by Mellar and then Melllar's reaction after the horn was blown. Demandred- not surprised he had the Sharans but surprised at how he got taken down and that he was silly enough to believe Lews Therin wasn't at Shayol Ghul Thom almost casually killing channelers wearing the mask of mirrors as a disguise- knife to the back. I had hoped Lanfear would come around but wasn't surprised she didn't. I loved it that Noal/Jain saved Olver. I need to start a re read soon.
  4. That depends on how advanced the ships are, it took the Mayflower ~2 months to cross the atlantic in 1620 and new ships got faster by ~2 days every decade after that (17 days in 1824). I don't think the journey took longer than 2-3 months in Hawkwings time. The seanchean Ogiers are natives but not because the ships would have taken to long for them to survive. The Ways? Possibly but if Ogier could travel between continents by using the Ways they would know a lot more about each other than we have seen thus far.
  5. Are you joking? She has been far more effective than the majority of the forsaken... Indeed she was. I particularly like how Liandrin and Galena are relegated to lives of meaningless subserviance to their current captors. Alviarin is one of the few agents of the shadow who was much more than a star wars stormtrooper. She definately was more interesting than some of the forsaken and with thinned ranks she ought to recieve some "honors". I could easily see Dyelin as being a traitor but not wholly evil- kinda like ingtar was - to protect Shinear (spelling). She is very clever and proably the smartest woman in Andor with Elayne gone.
  6. That isn't entirely correct. There were far more stedding in Seanchan so they just never suffered the longing. It would be interesting if some of the Gardeners suddenly showed the effects of the longing. How would they deal with it? I am certain the mainlaind Ogier would tell them and help in any way. We have seen very little of the Ogier in combat- I want to see the Gardeners beat someone down. Might some of the ogier know a lot more about Artur Hawkwing and randland right before the descendants of Hawkwing left? Or are they all native to Seanchan with no knowledge of the other side of the ocean.
  7. The trumpeter might merely be a man who panicked. Not sure if someone else mentioned that but it is possible. One Darkfriend could do a lot of damage- imagine him turn assassin and bump off Ituralde, Perrin, Matt, or any number of leaders. Heck they wouldn't even need to kill them just incapacitate them at the proper moment. As to "Light side characters" betraying the light-Some have already been mentioned so I will throw out a few that haven't... It may not be a deleberate act of serving the shadow but we still don't know if Lan knows or what he will do should he learn Isam is alive. In TGH Morraine was concerned about that very thing. Highly unlikely since the last sight we saw of him was charging near Tarwin's Gap but would Lan put aside a battle and the soldiers behind him for revenge for the destruction of Malkier? When any leader takes a personel vendetta it can go very bad for their followers. I could see a leader in Caemlyn filling the roll of a Petain (Vichy-France) kind of deal- Talemanes, Dyelin(spelling), or possibly some others....It depends on who or what is leading the trollocs- is it one of the forsaken, is it myddraal (Spelling), or even dark friends in the Black Tower? Dobraine- almost killed, has recieved nothing for his service to Rand- not sure if he was mentioned but might be a candidate as well. The Aes Sedai with the first of Mayene- I forget her name but didn't that Aes Sedai have private and secret meetings with Masema? Masema who clearly fell into shadow and madness? Lastly Severus Snape shows up and wipes out everyone for being idiots, including the Dark One and then proceedes to rule Randland..and he boxes Egwene's ears for good measure.... JK :D
  8. most telling thing about taim was the old saying he uttered at the end of one of the books... "Let the Lord of Chaos rule."
  9. Mat is easily the character that you can see the most growing up in throughout the series. Perrin was always quieter and seemed a little more aloof than the other three. The first scene where I truly liked Mat was when thwacked the two princelings. That was priceless. I love how he always blames other people for corrupting Olver when he is every bit as bad. BS did much better writing Mat in Towers of Midnight. Mat just wasn't in Gathering Storm enough. And love him or hate him Mat has some of the BEST lines in the series. Or any other series for that matter. Never kiss a girl whose brothers have knife scars....LOL I caught a badger, wanna let it out on the village green? lol
  10. Its Bran Stark! wait a minute....wrong series....... I think its Perrin. The prophecies all seem to tie directly to Rand, Mat, and Perrin, even if they aren't clear. Lan- no real wolfish references. In fact I remember being compared to rock or called stone face more than anything. Ituralde- brilliant commander but don't see how it could be him. Noam- Possibly but no one has heard of Noam, at least not yet. What's the point of a prophecy if the subject always remains unheard of? Same argument works for Elyas or Hopper. Slayer- seems like he would be more of a twisted wolf than a broken one.
  11. well not sure about the ter angreal but..... also the dice he missed in the dragon reborn couldn't have been part of the missing ter angreal- it was stolen long before he got there. I think they were probably just dice- a buddy of mine has a favorite grey die for his "wild" die. It is just a die but he thinks its lucky because he likes the color and gets lots of sixes on it. I would be more worried that his luck was in some way linked to the dagger from Shadar Logroth. Not likely but Fain hasn't ever been caught or killed and usually seems a step ahead of others....
  12. Funny. I'd love to see that--followed by the three tearing him to pieces, or better yet, shipping him off to the DO with a little note attached: "hope he's as useless for you as he was for us." LMAO oh that is rich. True about Fett Lucas and Co never built him up. Fans did that. I like the Robot Chicken takes on what happened to Fett. LOL
  13. Like the "no happily ever after" idea myself...sure maybe a few do but if every single hero character lives well...it would be nice but I am the kinda guy that still hopes Ron Weasely will die eventually in the Harry Potter stories... Heck Harrison Ford wanted Han Solo to die at the end of ROTJ.... It would be kinda funny if Rand just told Elayne, Min, and Aviendha I am through with you and I am off to save Lanfear. Have a nice day.... Don't really wanna see that either but it would make me laugh. Might feel bad for Min though...
  14. Are you talking about Lost there? NO. He obviously means "A Boy Named Sue" "The man in black fled across the desert..." thats what i was talking about. Gunslinger ref for the lost.
  15. So, it seems to be A.P. Hill who was "too ill" to command. And Lee who was both too wishy-washy in his orders, and lacked sufficient discipline to keep himself in command trim. Most of that sounds about right. Longstreet was also heavily criticized for being critical of Lee after Lee had died. Lee was too used to both Jackson and Longstreet- he knew their shortcomings but was able to trust both of them. He applied that same level of trust to Hill and Ewell and that was unfortunate for the confederates. Ewell would continue to disappoint. The guy who deserved a lot of recognition was John Buford. He held off Hills corps most of that first day and kept the rebels away from the high ground outside of town. His cavalry was completely shattered though. Not sure but I think his men, or at least some of them, were armed with early repeating rifles. Cool to find some Civil War interest on a WOT forum.
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