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  1. Elayne acts like an idiot, and gets people killed for no good reason.
  2. Currently reading The court of the air by Stephen Hunt, nice steampunk setting. Have White night by Butcher on the way,
  3. I'm not sure he winds up with any of them, considering he just walks off and abandons the lot of them.
  4. The first part, Tam and Rand coming into Emonds Field, the trip back and their evening... something about that just clicked with me.
  5. Currently reading The darkness that comes before by Bakker
  6. All I will say is, I wish it had been as good as The Way of Kings.
  7. Well, I know for a fact that people are still arguing over Star Trek TOS 46 years after it came out; I imagine things will continue here.
  8. Finished the Book of Jhereg, an omnibus by Brust. Just started The Name of the Wind by Rothfuss.
  9. The curse of the mistwraith by Janny Wurts. People love it; i just find its horribly written.
  10. Finished Pillars, not too bad. Reading Day of Infamy by Walter Lord
  11. Alright a few things did occur, mostly it's about Elayne taking baths, Elayne's politics, Aes Sedai politics, Perrin's " Nothing else matters" etc etc. When you wait two years to get a book, and you get CoT, it tends to make one cranky. It was what 4 years between Winter's heart until KoD came out. And the books before that weren't exactly pulitzer prize winner's either.
  12. It depends on what you call valuable. I, for one, enjoy that the wheel of time has so much background information. It makes the world feel alive. It makes for a much more complicated and realistic world than some other books. I agree that few shocking or major plot twists happen, but to say it could be skipped due to being inconsequential seems a bit ridiculous. Ninety percent of CoT is filler. The only major thing that moves the plot forwards is at the end.
  13. I think it's important to give credit where credit is due. Rulius got this right over a year ago (proof is on the book cover) -- congrats sir! Mik, that's a really nice theory. I have some ideas on how that sequence of events will be portrayed in the book, but I haven't decided where to post them yet. Why thank you hehe.
  14. Now reading "Pillars of the Earth" by Follet. Seems pretty good so far.
  15. Currently reading "The Reluctant Admiral, Yamamoto and the Imperial Navy" by Hiroyuki Agawa. It's very good.
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