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February Shockwave Competition


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This is the online Shockwave Competition.


Just go find a shockwave or flash game on the internet you think if fun and interesting and PM with the following information:


The Name of the game

A Link to the game

A brief description of the game


You will get 7 Points for submitting a game. Each person can only submit one game.


The deadline for submitting games will be February 24th or so.


At that time, I will update this thread with your game submissions and open up the thread to voting. Each person can vote for one game and will earn 3 Points for voting. (An easy 10 Points for submitting a game and then voting)


At the end of the month, I will add up the points and Points will be given out for the:


1st place game: 10 Points


2nd place game: 5 Points.


You can PM me with any questions.


Thank you and have a nice day.

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Voting is open:



The Scale of the Universe


Explore the size and scale of objects in the universe in this fun interactive gadget. It may sound boring and educational but I found it to be absolutely amazing and really fun to play with.




Kingdom Rush


In this Tower Defense game, the player is given pre-positioned spots along the map where he can build one of four types of towers. In addition, the player has two spells that are usable throughout the level. Completing levels results in points with can be used to upgrade the towers and spells.






The Daily SNOOP: A Hidden Object GameDaily Hidden Object Game.


Use your keen eye to win tokens and trophies in this daily hidden object game! Suss the daily scene for the hidden objects listed and solve the puzzle to rake in the loot! Win tokens and trophies for spotting all the items, finishing the game without hints, and more! Get your sleuth on when you play The Daily SNOOP today - and every day! 3 wrong guesses adds 10 seconds to your time and requesting a clue adds 30 seconds.






This is the Only Level


I was looking on armor games for a good game to put up for people, and i saw there was a "This is the only level, 3" that had just recently come out, and after playing if for about a minute, i decided it would be a terrible game to put up. So i went back and got number 1, which i played way back when and loved =D Not a february game D= but still awesome.

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