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A Question From Back In Book 6...

The Fisher King

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Problem with the "trying to turn Rand against the Aiel" theory is that, because of the splintered Shaido, it just doesn't make sense. Anyone seeing a supposed Aiel massacre is probably going to think "damn Shaido" but it's not going to turn people against the rest of the Aiel.


I've never seen a satisfactory theory for this. I think it's one of those things people tend to forget. Every time I reread book 6 I wonder "what is that all about?" and promptly forget all about it two chapters later.

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tell the dragon reborn that "The Song" is IN saidin.....


sorry if you don't know about the song of saidin theory. totally not in the mood to go typing that much but it has to do with saidin "singing" to rand when he was first learning to channel. i think it was doing that to the other asha man recruits too. maybe it goes away with the taint or long channeling. and also i remember something about aiel men who sang the song in rands rhuiddien trip. can't remember the specifics. sorry don't have the books and it's not my theory.


but that's my guess :aessedai:

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