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  1. That was perfect. All the people complaining are complaining because it didn't go the way they had envisioned it. Thank you Jason for saying it wasn't the ending you expected but it was the ending it deserved. Made me step back and wonder. By the time the book was released I had no preconceptions. Thank you Brandon for delivering a perfect ending to my favorite series of all time. Thank God Harriet picked you. I was shaking quite a few times throughout it. Masterful delivery of all the characters. I worried when RJ died that the characters souls would pass too. They didn't. I fee
  2. tell the dragon reborn that "The Song" is IN saidin..... sorry if you don't know about the song of saidin theory. totally not in the mood to go typing that much but it has to do with saidin "singing" to rand when he was first learning to channel. i think it was doing that to the other asha man recruits too. maybe it goes away with the taint or long channeling. and also i remember something about aiel men who sang the song in rands rhuiddien trip. can't remember the specifics. sorry don't have the books and it's not my theory. but that's my guess
  3. there's another theory that she was mesana. can't remember all the reasons but it was a pretty good theory
  4. i think it Shara. it would be a real easy place to take over and they can travel through gateways
  5. plus the fact that she used her ability with ter'angreal to change it from viewing the past to viewing the future makes me think she has some skill with time
  6. i think it was aviendha from the future..... not sure if the time travelling theory was on this site but basically it runs that avi time traveled with a gateway when running from rand the first time they got it on. the theory was based on the position of the sun and the times of day and where they travelled to. also her difficulty with normal gateways suggested there was something special about hers. "Twice dawns the day"
  7. i was thinking aliva will hold fain back until rand tells her to let him go and kill him
  8. i'd find it a disappointing viewing if it did mean a physical hand that was black..... i mean come on!! the only way i could see it being that way would be if brandon thought it funny giving the theorists something to chew on like that and then in the last book.... "oh hey rand here's a glove to stay warm while u hold that chilly sword.... u like black?"
  9. i think ur stretching the new hand thing too far
  10. i'm thinking that Rand destroying the Choedan Kal did somrthing to him. maybe he absorbed something of it
  11. mb - i thought min had a viewing about a black hand holding it in ToM.
  12. drekka- ur crazy man! ferral/ablar - ahh thanx... good to know dam - i first thought it was obvious too.... but that starts to make me think that it's not a trap. maybe cyndane isn't a real lanfear but a copy or something and the real lanfear is being punished
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