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  1. Glad to hear I wasn't the only one to chortle a bit at Gawyn's death. I've long thought him an idiot, and the way he died was... expected. It was in striking counterpoint to the way everyone else fell in the last battle. I *liked* that so many fell to inglorious death, barely noticed in the numbing, ever growing list of the fallen. It was realistic. It was sad. Pretty much everyone there was giving it their all, and virtually all of them fell to indiscriminate bursts of the power or Trolloc blade. Gawyn stood out in that he wanted the heroic, meaningful death, and it was sad that, alone among so many, his end was fruitless, pointless, and just his own damn fault. I didn't think of it till afterwards, but Siuan's death was rather poetic. Back when she first met Mat, she asked him if he would be there to save people in the burning building. How does she die? Running into a burning building trying to save Mat, despite knowing it might cost her and her love their lives. Tai'shar Tear. Olver's buildup was great too. Even in the Blight he's still thinking about what a Gawyn-like hero he's going to be, hunting down the Shaido who killed his parents. Then he sees what battle really is, but still tries to get to Mat. A terrified boy crying in a hole and desperately blowing a Horn was one of the great heart-wrenching images of the series.
  2. I'm surprised no one mentioned Min's viewing of Bashere. "something... dark" She wonders what will happen if he dies or turns on Rand.
  3. As others have said, the reactions of the Emond's Fielders is pretty typical human behavior. On top of that, Moiraine is pretty heavy-handed. They regard Aes Sedai with suspicion to start with, then she threatens them. Even when they start to more or less trust her, she tries to make them do things her way despite the fact she has no real idea herself what they have to be doing.
  4. Problem with the "trying to turn Rand against the Aiel" theory is that, because of the splintered Shaido, it just doesn't make sense. Anyone seeing a supposed Aiel massacre is probably going to think "damn Shaido" but it's not going to turn people against the rest of the Aiel. I've never seen a satisfactory theory for this. I think it's one of those things people tend to forget. Every time I reread book 6 I wonder "what is that all about?" and promptly forget all about it two chapters later.
  5. Terrible matches and their most excellent replacements: 1) Egwene and Gawyn. Terrible matchup. No sparks, unrealistic, little trust. Egwene still thinks in terms of Gawyn being an embarrassment and liability to her office. And let's face it, he really is. Really, I don't see many good pairings for Egwene. She needs someone strong-willed who is also willing to stand in her shadow. Gareth Bryne would be a decent match. Too bad he's taken. Egwene's best match is the stole. 2) Morgase and Tallanvor - terrible. Morgase and Logain - much better! 3) The love square needs to get resolved to a line. Rand and Aviendha it is. Excellent matches already: 1) Mat and Tuon. These two are way too similar to be kept apart. Everyone recognizes Mat's a rogue, but few seem to realize Tuon - with her rebellious childhood; refusal to listen to what's proper from Suroth, Anath, Selucia, and Setalle Anan; and enthusiasm for hells, fights, and wild rides - isn't much different. One never breaks her word, the other never breaks his promise. Both always do what they believe they must. Both rely heavily on their wits. And oh yes, there are sparks. 2) Lan and Nynaeve. This match just really seems to work. Could be tweaked: 1) Perrin and Faile. This is a pretty good match. But if Perrin really wanted the simple life, why not with Aludra? Both are really attached to their art and could be content just making things together. Off-the-cuff matches: 1) Min and Thom 2) Gawyn and Leane 3) Tam and Moiraine 4) Elayne and Dobraine
  6. The entire A Hell in Maderin chapter in Knife of Dreams cracked me up. First, Selucia imperiously summons Mat and he decides to make Tuon wait, but only rolls the dice a few times before deciding he's seen enough consecutive snake eyes. The whole argument with Tuon over whether he'd promised to take her to a hell was a riot. "Well, he was calmly presenting the logic that saying something was easy was not the same as promising, and Tuon just stubbornly insisted he'd given his word, and he had not shouted, whatever Selucia said, when there came a knock on the door." (paraphrased) Then Thom redirecting Tuon's suspicion away from their deception but right smack onto Mat by saying he'd won Mat's bet that she wouldn't notice anything off about this hell. The hat on the table. "NEVER place a hat on the table!!" (Dryly) "I'll try to remember that." (Narrowed eyes) "I've decided to bedeck your property robes with pink ribbons, Toy." Tuon protesting that she couldn't leave yet, she hadn't seen a single fight! Also in Knife of Dreams, after his marriage, Mat is about to go into battle and goes into this mini-rant in his head about how marriage wasn't going to change him. Can't read that without thinking of what Tuon's thoughts on that subject would be, and who would win.
  7. The key may be that word "most". Rand could have summoned all those armies EXCEPT the Aes Sedai and the Tower Guard. Would Egwene have showed up just on his word? Hell no, she considers she has at least equal say in any plans against the Shadow. She would have demanded to know his plans and if he held back or told her the current "smash the seals" plans, she would have told him, yeah, we have better things to do, thanks. She certainly wouldn't show up with the WT alone against the combined rest of the forces of Light. But with this plan, Rand lets her gather a bunch of his forces and show up ready to confront him, bolstered by a bunch of forces nominally following her, but which Rand has to be pretty confident he can get to follow him. One possibility I see, at any rate.
  8. Not just luck, either. Someone mentioned the mental part is the biggest part of fighting. In New Spring we see Lan beating what's his face because he stayed mentally focused till the end. If there's one person in this series that could match Lan's will to win or even exceed it, it would be Mat. He's always looking to avoid fighting, but when he can't get away from it, he goes all out. We've seen him crush throats, smash balls, bleed people, throw himself backwards off a bridge. When he has to fight, he intends to be the last one standing (or at least take the other guy down with him) and he brings it - all-out, balls-to-the-wall, never-say-die.
  9. I actually thought Couladin vs Mat was really well done. Very Mat that he just thinks back on cutting off the head of the Shaido as an unpleasant incident on the way out of the battle. Mesaana didn't dethrone Siuan, but her dethroning WAS shown. IIRC, Elaida comes in linked and shields her unexpectedly before removing her stole and sending her to the cells. On the way out she sees the dead body of her warder. I'd like to have seen: The destruction of the Imperial Court. The scene where Tuon informs her generals that they can stop searching frantically for the 30,000+ army they can't find - it was just her husband cutting his way out of the country with his 9000-man band. Musenge giving Tuon an account of the battle against the traitors. Reaction of the Seanchan court to the news of Tuon's marriage. (Has she informed them of that yet?) Teslyn's account to Egwene/Red Ajah head of her adventures with Mat and his affiliation with the Seanchan. (Bet Egwene LOVES that.) "Oh, and he wants his horn." So many Ashaman encounters...
  10. My redeemed list: Mat, of course. He was pretty selfish and nasty with the dagger but once he was broken from its grip he became a pretty awesome character. Teslyn grew on me, too. Darlin was pretty awesome. First saw him as a sneering lord promising to kill Mat, then he defies the Dragon for his homeland, accepts a crown from him, and, while he's loyal to Rand, is still not going to be his yes man. Semirhage was a bit of a roller coaster. Started out not liking her, but then she tore up the Seanchan court which was pretty badass and made a daring attack on Rand. But then my new admiration for her took a dive when she caved in and started groveling after one spanking. Lame. Nynaeve had her low points in the middle of the series, but has been climbing relentlessly to new heights since. My anti-redeemed list is at least as long: Talmanes - went downhill with Sanderson's interpretation Egwene - started out pretty bitchy and began running downhill, with occasional bumps of awesomeness on the way down. Gawyn - started out as a dull character and became King of the Ridiculously Prejudiced before trading that crown for Emperor of the Whipped. Perrin - started out as one of my favorite characters, but constant angst and introspection since then have sent him on a steady, shallow slope down. Min - started out ok, but she's too clingly. When she's at her most independent is when she's at her most stupid; and *still* clingy. "I WILL come with you to a probable trap!!! Oops, sorry about the hand."
  11. I think people overestimate Mesaana, attributing to her what the WT, frankly, was perfectly capable of achieving without her. Start with Elaida becoming Amyrlin. Elaida initiated this, telling Alviarin "Walk with me." [scenario with Mesaana] Mesaana thinks having a Red in charge of the White Tower with a BA second is a Good Thing and orders the BA to support it. [scenario without Mesaana] Alviarin thinks having a Red in charge of the White Tower with a BA second is a Good Thing and orders the BA to support it. You can play this out with EVERYTHING Mesaana can try to claim as a triumph. Elaida was a rabid Red who wholeheartedly believed in controlling the Dragon Reborn. She was decisive and bold, if nuts. She initiated and ordered the kidnappings of not only Rand, but the kings of Arad Doman and Illian as well. She hated the Blue, particularly Moiraine and Siuan, and was never going to trust them, so she disbanded the entire Ajah. Without Mesaana, these things play out exactly as they did. Further, Mesaana's control was pretty weak. Not only was Elaida too headstrong to control, but Mesaana had to discipline Alviarin for going beyond what Mesaana explicitly allowed as she tried to rein in Elaida. Basically, all Mesaana did was sit in the Tower and worry Egwene until she was captured. (Hell, the events that most worried Egwene weren't even Mesaana's work - it was the Seanchans'.) The only thing you can really give her credit for is - after the Tower had split and Salidar had already decided to depose Elaida - furthering the split between Ajahs by some nasty underhanded subterfuge.
  12. Probably Birgitte. Didn't see many mentions of her, which is surprising. She was a Hero of the Horn, through her actions given a special place in the WoT universe, and tied to her eternal lover. Now she's been ripped out, she's not where/when she's supposed to be, she's losing her memories, and as far as she or we can tell, her entire existence and place in the cosmic scheme has been irreparably damaged and she doesn't think she'll ever see Gaidal again. EVER. To top it off, she's bonded to Elayne for life. One person I don't feel that sorry for that a lot of people seem to is Verin. She swore to the Dark One, not as some great sacrifice as people seem to think, but because it was that or die. She wussed out, swore to the Ultimate Evil, did who knows what unspeakable things. At the end she tried to make up for it, but it's kind of like Ingtar's redemption. Great that she came back and did something noble at the end, but better to have never made the deal in the first place.
  13. There are several issues against it: 1) Rand was wearing gloves to hide his tatoos; 2) Rand was not fighting, but practicing, which was obvious by the way he approached the duel; 3) Bubble of evil distracted him that Riatin was able to deliver the last blow. So, I'd say it's not correct example. I'd call those excuses not issues. Either he is or isn't the best, and he lost. :) Just wanted to point out that this was not a battle. It wasn't even really practice - it was a demo for entertainment with both contestants coming in with different motivations. Toram wanted to punish Rand for talking to "his" girl, while Rand... wanted to see what would happen. Rand was going with his ta'veren mojo flow. After seeing progress with Darlin, he was hoping he could "touch" Toram similarly. He wasn't trying to win, just interact with Toram. Take into account the circumstances of this arranged swordplay, Rand's attitude and approach to this fight, his confining coat, his slippery gloves, and the bubble of evil attack, and you really can't draw any conclusion other than that he was of blademaster quality since Riatin couldn't crack his skull like he wanted.
  14. Not exactly. ...But in her heart, always, she was Tuon Athaem Kore Paendrag, and she had come to reclaim what had been stolen from her ancestor. Pretty clear from Tuon's PoV in PoD what the Seanchan position is. The other nations carved their lands from Artur Hawkwing's empire and they, as direct successors to Hawkwing, are coming back to reclaim it. They believe they were provoked by scavengers carving up and stealing the High King's legacy while his son was too far away to do anything about it. Now that Seanchan is fully in hand, they're coming back to set things right.
  15. I don't think the Pattern is impressed by Tuon's titles.
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