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Hello everyone. Just relaying my thoughts. if you think this is stupid or if you like it email me at jstemerson@yahoo.com.



One And All

Time flows as a serpent of the one power that interweaves in a flow that makes the wheel turn and life to go on eternally. Not many on earth believe this happens. Most believe in god as a covenant and many in their own way. Ever since Rand Al’thor defeated the Dark One he has taken it upon himself to look upon our world in great sorrow seeing a new world through a gateway he accidentally created while fighting Shaitan. The area he was looking at was what we would call a small town in the Rocky Mountains known locally as Leadville Colorado. It had been three long and miserable months since he won and was still alive only to have the memory of his time in the world again to be only his and not that of Lews Therin Telamons. He had thought to go through and see if anyone can learn to use saidin there was times when he almost stepped through the gateway and into the world called earth.

It was a strange world where people seemed to dress in a weird way. He had no notion of controlling this world and making them change to his world’s way of life. He had changed man kind in his world and in doing so he tore his people apart. He felt dread everyday and wished he didn’t have had to fight the dark one. Though in doing so he had become himself again. In the discovering that the dark one was him but a darker part of him that he dispelled of with a whole night of chasing him using and blasting Bale Fire till at last he hit shaitin and he poofed out of existence.

Disappearing in a wonderful Disarray of light that killed him in seconds. He was no more as neither was Lews Therin Telamon. It was weird that he still remembered every weave of saidin he had used when he was part of lews Therin. Lord of the morning as he was known to be. They were one until the end of Tarmon Gaidan. The thing is there was something he had realized in the fight. Everywhere he was fighting there was tugging all over his body that he did not think of as of important. The fight was all that was on his mind. He was energy. He was light. He was the morning sun. He should have exploded with how much saidin he was drawing. Though he felt invincible. He was tearing up on the inside.

Rand, you wool-brain Min said; step away from there. It may not be safe to be near that. Min I think I can tell which is, and is not safe to do. It is my fault that I opened a never closing gateway to another world. I should have paid more heed to what weaves I used when fighting the Dark One. Even he looked scared of the gateway. Rand, don’t you think the reason for that is because no one knows what’s on the other side. The people there could decide to come take over our world and we might not be able to defeat them. We just finished Tarmon Gaidan. We do not need another war on our hands. Min I know that we don’t need another war on our hands. We would not survive two minutes in battle. They have weapons of mass destruction. Ones our scholars would not even dream of unless they sought to destroy our world as they are doing to theirs. I want our world to heal and prosper before letting it bring on another big war. Maybe not ever to another war. All we do is bring destruction to our homes and make things worse in trying to make things better. There is something I want to do in that world. I want to see if any of them can learn saidin.

Ten feet to Rands left was a weary looking moraine. He had thought her dead until Mat a friend from the two rivers who also had a big part in this war succeeding brought her to him. He almost tore himself apart at seeing her. Moraine was the first Aes Sadie he had ever met. The one he trusted the most you could say. He looked back at the gateway to a place he had learned called Earth and that there were buildings bigger than that of the white tower. He would go out into that world without Min or anyone for that matter. Things were quite in this world after the long war. He did not want anyone to come with him for fear of the people of earth finding this gateway. Not unless they swore not to tell anyone and that they could never come back to their world.


This is just a prolouge to a new series i want to write about the one power and our worlds coliding. Well Its just the beginning to the prolouge at least. I sent an email to Brandon Sanderson and asked about a week and a half ago. and haven heard back. so ill just post it and someone will use it. thing is with this book im working on. i dont get writers block. I am using the town im living in as the part of our world that which he is gazing outward at. I hope it gets excepted cause i have not been able to write like this in a long time. Chow everyone till next time.
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