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Greetings, all.


I started reading the Wheel of Time three years ago - as I am a fast reader, I finished the series within about two months. After I finished the second book I knew that it was the best series ever written by anyone anywhere. I felt a stronger connection to the characters and world of Jordan's than I have to any of the myriad worlds I, as a fantasy enthusiast, have explored over the past few years. Anyway, due to my senior years of high-school ensuing in the past two years, (which, by the way, were almost as bad as being a novice in the White Tower), I haven't had the time to re-read the series in full, but I am doing it now (as I've finished my exams - finally!) and I have just finished "The Shadow Rising" and begun "The Fires of Heaven".


Random facts about me:


I'm eighteen, from Australia, and (as you can probably tell from the name), female.


I am passionate about fantasy art, and I believe that the Wheel of Time deserves as many great artists to illustrate for it as The Lord of the Rings (actually, more because it's a lot richer) so I am resolved that when my skills have reached the level they are capable of, I will try to illustrate it, and do it justice. Sort of to be the "John Howe" or "Alan Lee" of WoT. But I'm obviously not at that level yet. But no matter how long it takes, I will make sure I get there! I look forward to submitting some of the drawings I have done recently here, if that's alright with you...


I have done about 5 or 6 quizzes on my Ajah and in every single one I was a Blue.


My favourite character from the series is Nynaeve. My favourite couple is Perrin and Faile.


I would also be interested if a kindly soul could point me in the direction of some good role-playing...


Much obliged, and the Light shine on you all.



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Welcome to DM Athena!


YAY! Another Aussie! Where you from? I'm on the north coast of NSW.


DM has a healthy RPing section towards the bottom of the main forums board you will find The Welcome Inn. All the info you need for RPing at DM can be found there - but always feel free to drop me a PM if you have questions - I am the Mistress of Novices for the White Tower RP division.


Looking forward to seeing you around :)



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There's also a WT social group if you are interested where you can kinda "live out" being Novice/Accepted/Aes Sedai or you (like me) can be like Birgitte if you wish :P


These characters are sooooo much more real.


Welcome to dm!!!!


Which parts of the series are your favorite?


If you have any questions, just ask :)

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Hi there Aiel Heart!


Hmmm, I think I might actually join the social group for a while before I role-play. It looks easier, and I can be myself...


My favourite books in the series are "The Great Hunt", "The Fires of Heaven", "A Crown of Swords" and "Winter's Heart". I also love any part of the books to do with Tar Valon, especially Egwene in Tar Valon, I love it when Nynaeve tests for Accepted, heals stilling, cleanses the taint, gets rid of her blocks and marries Lan - but I have a slight issue with the last two books and Nynaeve's character because I don't think Brandon Sanderson got her just right. Also, "The Gathering STorm" and "The Towers of Midnight" lacked the richness of description that characterised Jordan's writing. They are still fantastic though.

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Nyneave is my 2nd favorite character.


He stated early on that he wasn't going to try to copy RJ's writing style because he would just do it all wrong. So he wrote it as himself but stayed true to the story. I feel like he got all of the characters at a time when they were all changing a ton so idk whether he "didn't stay true to them" or if that was how they would've ended up anyway

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I felt myself becoming obsessed again with WoT, and since I don't fan-girl by halves, I thought I needed to join.


I think I'll wait till I've finished rereading before I do book discussions, but the social groups certainly are my sort of thing (and maybe roleplaying, but I'm not entirely sure how one does that, but it sounds fun).

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Hi there, Ledinna Sedai!


My least favourite character... probably a toss-up between Semirhage and Padan Fain. Probably Semirhage, simply because although both are as evil as anything, Jordan spends more time detailing the torture methods of Semirhage - both physical (Cabriana Sedai) and mental (Rand).

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hi and welcome too DM, guess there isnt much chance too lure you over too our side then, RP wise anyway ;)


but looking forth too seeing you in the social group



leader of the dark side in the RP

Der'Manshima in wt social group

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