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The Great Hunt 2011

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I'm convinced many of the anonymous floaters were spambots anyway

What exactly does a spambot do? I don't quite get the point of those programs. They sound tasty, though.

I'm not sure what they were doing there, aside from taking up space.


i'm likely off base as it were, but couldn't they have just been watchers that didn't have an account?



edit: i lurked here for years, even before wotmania went down without making an account, and i had an account on wotmania after lurking it for a few years.

Like I said earlier, they were way too geographically diverse to be normal lurkers. Unless there are more Korean and Arab lurkers than English-speaking ones. Which I suppose is possible...

good enough point if the numbers were astronomical or something, as i said i'm likely off base, by that meaning i'm likely wrong.

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I'd say that less than half of the silent watchers showed up as Anonymous User. (This shows up in various languages.) We had French, Dutch, German, Swedish, Norwegian, etc. - the usual suspects - but about a third of the lurkers were in the odd languages like Arabic and Korean and Chinese. Not that they are odd languages, exactly...just odd languages in which to find lurkers in our Cadsuane doc.

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