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Hello DragonMount community !


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Hello, this is KLF and I live in Israel. I just finished all 13 books today and I'm really curious to meet people interested in the WheelOfTime books. From the moment I stumbled across the books, I couldn't stop reading. Looking forward to meet you all in this forum :rolleyes:

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Welcome to Dragonmount! :) I always thought that Wheel of Time is under appreciated in Israel. There are hardly enough people who read it... so I always try to encourage people around to check it out. I've managed to a couple of times. You should try for it as well!


So what area of Israel are ya from? The only Israelis here are myself and another one that I know of. I'm from Beer Sheva.


If you need any help to maneuver through the site contact me via PM and I'll be happy to walk you through it.








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Nynaeve, nice to meet someone from Israel here :) , I live in the Sharon region. I first saw The Wheel of Time on Terry Goodkind facebook page, when somebody recommend it. I start reading it and I couldn't stop :) until I finished all the books, my wife complaining that I neglected her :biggrin: . I never met someone in Israel who read WoT but I'm kinda new to it,too.



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