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Hello? Is it me your looking for?

The Invisible Man

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Right! Hello everyone!


The Invisible Man here. If I had friends I would tell them to call me T.I.M.


but as I seem to have this terrible reputation for sticky fingers they don't seem to last long enough for them to use the moniker. The truth of the matter is they are all working against me. ALL of them. Crazy right? Know what's a weird thing to get used to? Talking to people when you're naked. Yeah, took me a while to.


I suppose I should tell you all a bit about myself huh? Ummmm, I bought an child's chemistry set, mixed a bunch of stuff up, drank it, and now I am quite mad apparently. Oh, and Invisible. Well not realllly that. I am an intelligent fellow who turned himself invisible to become a better crook. The process rather unhinged my capacities some so I have some strange little foibles. *pokes whoever is reading this in both eyes at once* See what I mean? Oh wait! No you don't! BAAHAHAHAAAA


I am huge fan of WoT though. Stole it from a Books at Sixpencea lil while ago. You tend to read loads when you are constantly in hiding. Not as easy to get around in the nude and people tend to look askance at a pair of floating shoes walking of there own accord. They look even harder at a chap what has bandages wrapped around his face too! so I spend a lot of time, home, alone, reading, watching the tele.


Any suggestions for a new fella likes to hang out a bit and chat?

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There is a white tower group. Don't judge the social groups by the people in the books. I did and didn't even look at the black tower at first and now mourn for the time lost.


Watch the League of Extraordinary Gentlemen. Your successor is in it :)


and it is a real movie (not my kind of music but it will do):


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